Thursday Doors Recap – Jan 5, 2023 and JusJoJan

Badge Image by: My Camera & I

The Thursday Doors recap for the two and one half day period beginning on the above date is ready to be viewed. Click here if you’re interested. There are some wonderful doors out there this week!

As many of you know. I am participating in Linda G.Hill’s Just Jot January daily challenge. I’m trying not to add too many posts to my normal routine, so I’m adding JusJoJan to existing posts. Today’s prompt was provided by JezzieG from her self titled blog Jezzie G. The prompt for today is Friendship, and I can’t think of a better place to talk about friendship than Thursday Doors. I have become friends with so many people through blogging, and a significant number of those friends are people I’ve me through Thursday Doors. This includes the people who visit my blog, and the many blogs that I began visiting when Norm Frampton stated this challenge.

The Thursday Doors Badge Contest for the 2023 Official Badge has ended and the Teresa – who blogs under My Camera & I – was selected by the participants of the Thursday Doors Challenge. Her badge, show above, will represent us until this time next year. Right-click on the image above and save it to your computer, or copy and paste it into your post. Join me in congratulating Teresa and proudly display her badge with your upcoming posts.

If you like speculative fiction with suspense, action and a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:

The Evil You Choose
When Evil Chooses You

Series page on Amazon

My profile page (and books) on Lulu


  1. Help, Dan! Yesterday I re-followed you with my email address. I get the green ‘following’ on your site so everything looks good, but nothing showed in my Inbox today. I just now was thinking about your Sunday recap so looked in Reader and there it was. Something weird is going on.
    Teresa–I love your door drawing! Congratulations to you! What a wonderful badge.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Hi Maggie–I’m not computer savvy by a long shot–to which Dan can attest with my cries for help–but that was one of the first things I checked. I checked on the other blog sites I follow, and they are all marked the same. Interesting that in going through Reader, I found two other sites that posted today, and I did not receive emails. I don’t know what to think… Thanks for the help, though. Let me know if you can think of anything else. This is frustrating.

        Liked by 1 person

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