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Cee gives us an interesting topic for her Fun Foto Challenge. Friends of this blog will recall the reason I had to choose some favorites from the past that might make us sad. Cee gives us:

This week our topic is Feathers. They can be attached to a bird or not. Mostly just have fun.

I tried to highlight birds (and one sorely missed bird dog) with their feathers on display.

We’re halfway through Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan prompt, and that brings us to ‘Optimism’ which was given to us by June who can be found at her blog.

Optimism is undeniable in my book. I can’t look at life any other way. I’ve been up against some tough times, but I’ve always made it through. So, I guess being optimistic hasn’t hurt.

If you like magical realism with suspense, action and a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:

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When Evil Chooses You

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  1. I love to watch birds — Did you know that Ravens mate while in flight?? And they chase Red Tailed Hawks away from their nests… Hawks fly and are exquisite to watch as their wings simply float through the air. Just awesome when the sun hits their undercarriage and you see the red of their tails. Just beautiful… Thanks for this…

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    • I didn’t know that about ravens. Interesting skill to have. We do see hawks soaring above us here, they are beautiful, but we know they’re here for the critters we feed, so we hope they keep flying.

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  2. Much as I like the birds, I have to say that Maddie’s feathers in the sun are the most impressive! Some years ago, after a particularly long and hot day working in the garden, I noted two turkey vultures on my neighbor’s roof, eyeing me. I suspected I looked a lot like roadkill, but I read later that they are very curious about humans. (Who isn’t?) I bet this very unpretty bird in your photo was wondering about you and your camera.

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    • Her feathers were beautiful. That Turkey Vulture had flown low across the parking lot on his way up to that perch. He had scared me half to death, but I did my best no to look like he had succeeded. We moved along quickly. I guess we are curious. Maybe they want to know how we manage to fly.

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  3. What a beautiful array of feathered delight! The birds in the Wetlands Exhibit are so pretty with their vibrant colors. I love the flock of birds checking for anything edible at the tobacco farm!

    Maddie and her golden feathers wins hands (paws?) down. Brought a smile to my lips and tears in my eyes but worth it just to see her. She captured a lot of hearts, including mine.


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    • I’m glad you liked these, Ginger. I tried finding feathery photos. I knew I had to include our big red feathered friend. I can put her pictures back out here, but I still miss her. I’ll never understand how the most difficult dog we every had worked her way so deep into our hearts.


  4. Hi Dan – lots of flying feathers … but love the red-headed’s ones … gorgeous colours – we’re into robins, blackbirds with their orange beaks … and of course seagulls! Cheers Hilary

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  5. I agree, Dan!! Optimism is the best defense against the challenges that come to us, both expected and unexpected. Your reminded me of Emily Dickinson’s poem, Hope:

    “Hope” is the thing with feathers –
    That perches in the soul –
    And sings the tune without the words –
    And never stops – at all –

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