Watch Those Feet–CFFC JusJoJan

Here I am with another dual-purpose Monday. In an ongoing attempt to reduce the transactions between me and your inbox, I’m combining two prompts today. Cee gives me an opportunity to remember fondly some of the paws that roamed around here. Linda gives me a chance to explain where my feet aren’t going. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is:

“This week our topic is Hands and Paws. I so hope you have some fun with this topic.”

Linda’s JusJoJan prompt comes courtesy of Paula Light at Light Motifs II. Paula wants us to work with “Paintbrush.” Well, Paula is up against a powerful force on this one. As you can see in the picture below, my wife decided we were installing vinyl siding to avoid me taking my feet, hands and a paintbrush up that ladder.

This is why my wife suggested vinyl siding. She didn’t want me trying to paint that side.

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  1. Hi Dan – how do you know which is which Mumu or Mimi? Lots of feet – not sure where the hands are – but I guess I’m being pedantic! Cheers have a good week -Hilary


    • MiMi and MuMu were nearly identical, but MiMi has a long white sock on her right front paw. MiMi uses her front paw like hands. She picks up her toys and tosses them. MiMi is the only art of the crew that remains. We had to say goodbye to MuMu last fall.

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      • Oh – sorry to read about Mumu – always black and white … I had one too – his mother was black … but he was the most cuddly cat … my Mum took him to Cornwall … where they lived out their days. Neither of them ever got names … !! Cheers H

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  2. Oreo and Cookie? I bet the dog groaned and walked away. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that cats have bones; they make themselves into puddles. I think these photos are the visual counterpart to comfort food. Probably bittersweet for you, but certainly they bring down the heart rate.

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  3. Mantan Moreland……Feets don’t fail me now!

    And these little feets are just the cutest. Bittersweet for you to comb through all these memories, but also a poignant reminder of the wonderful pets/friends who loved you in return. I’m so sorry to learn about MuMu.

    Our pets come with little feet and big feet and pitter-patter their way into our hearts and never leave.
    You are so right Dan, those of us who are pet lovers and have gone through the heartbreak of losing a pet, can never pretend they weren’t here, nor would we want to.

    Thanks for introducing us to Oreo and Cookie and Molly and Reilly. I almost named Murphy Molly! We had one gorgeous Irish Setter I named Rusty (because I’m so original! 🥴)

    This is a perfect post for your prompts. Nicely done.

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    • Thanks Ginger. We almost ended up with a Rusty. Our first setter was Mitzi. One of my coworkers had the mother, and another coworker took one of the males. He didn’t understand the needs of an Irish Setter. He tried to keep it outside, tied to a doghouse. I’m sure you know, Setters prefer the couch. By the time he wanted to give the dog up, we felt Rusty might have too many problems. We didn’t went to bring him into a house with a dog, two cats and a baby. I think Mitzi would have agreed.

      I didn’t have any digital pictures of Mitzi. She was our first pet, and she was a treasure. Most are gone now, but we loved them all. It’s hard going through the pictures, but I have to remember how much they all meant to us.

      I hope yo have a nice week. Looks like a wet one.


  4. Please tell me that is not you up a gazillion feet on the side of the house! On the flip side, I do this stuff all the time (well not nearly that high) and people look at me like I’m old and they should worry. Haha! 😅 Thank you for the Maddie photos. ❤️

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