Legs and Feet–CFFC–JusJoJan

Hmmm, we did feet and paws last week, so I have to be careful what images I yank out of the archives for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge by Cee:

“This week our topic is Legs and Feet. If you are wondering, yes, shoes on feet count for this challenge. I so hope you have some fun with this topic.”

Making it even harder to avoid overlap is the fact that Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot it January prompt for today is Canine. This comes courtesy of Dawn. Pleas visit Dawn’s blog.

My wife and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, but this is our first year without a dog in the house. I could fill the gallery with canine legs, but I have also made lots of legs out of wood and metal in my workshop.

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  1. Hi Dan – congratulations on 40 years (to be) … great to read about and to see Faith ready to go without boots! Legs and feet … excellent subject … mine were female Roman on King Arthur somewhat bemused – albeit statuesque! Always love your photos … cheers to you three – Hilary

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    • Thanks GP. These multiple challenge deals have been interesting. JusJoJan wraps up tomorrow. I’ll be late, as Linda won’t supply that prompt until 2:00 am (I’m not planning to wait up).


  2. What a great assortment! I seem to remember a couple of these — like all the legs on the couch. I still think Maddie was trying to hold you down. I can’t imagine anything happier than a cat near a wood-burning stove. Your mention of a 40th anniversary got your readers’ attention — here’s a WOW for each of you, and may the whole year be a very happy one!

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  3. Good thing for Google, it’s the only way I can get the blogs I follow. :>(

    Dan, I’m so disappointed. All those great legs but not one photo of yours! :+) Always a treat to see Faith.

    Congratulations to you and your bride on your soon-to-be 40th Wedding Anniversary! Now that’s a proud accomplishment and as my dad used to say, “something you can hang your hat on.”

    Hope this is the start of a nice week full of laughs and pleasant surprises.


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    • Thanks Ginger. Sorry about the WordPress woes. Just so you know, I will have a post tomorrow, to wrap up JusJoJan, once Linda releases the prompt.

      My avatar does have a shot of my legs, but beyond that, they’re an unlikely subject.

      I hope you have a great week. Looks like we’re in for some winter temps toward the end.


  4. A Captain Picard doll–nice, Dan. 😆 I like your photo of the gull legs with human legs in the background. You couldn’t plan something like that. Happy 40th to you and The Editor. Definitely a milestone anniversary. Traditional gift is a ruby. Go forth and shop. 😉

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  5. Forty years – congrats! I remember when my dog passed – it was the first time since my daughter was an infant that we did not have at least one dog or cat in the house! Then we went and rescued a feral cat.

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    • Good question. I think they are mostly all legs. However, the cabriole legs of the table on the workbench do have “feet” at the bottom. The idea with that design, is that, if whatever has those style legs is sitting on carpet, the feet make the legs appear to float above the surface and make the piece look lighter.

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  6. Congrats on your anniversary!! We will be celebrating our 49th end of April. Isn’t it amazing how fast time goes by!! Thanks for sharing some awesome pictures. My grandfather did a lot of the same things creating furniture and general woodworking when he retired. I admire that skill set, sir!! Your work is stunning!

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      • A mutual friend of introduced us while we were in high school (we went to different schools and lived across town from each other). Sounds “corney” but it was like the Roberta Flack song First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. We got married end of 2nd year of college and when we were done with college, moved to Denver. We waited until our late 20’s to start a family. We had some ups and downs in our 20’s but worked through them. The rest as they say is history. It truly blows our minds how fast the years have gone by.

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