You Know It’s True – #1LinerWeds

If you follow this blog, you know about the sign shown below. I mentioned it on Saturday. I didn’t post the photo because I was planning to use it today. Still, several people decided to offer me a one-liner. Given the irony of the situation, I couldn’t blame them. It wasn’t where I was heading, but I think GP said it best:

Haha, your blog is No Facilities and you end up at a dealership that doesn’t have any facilities. Do you call that Karma?

GP – Pacific Paratrooper

My one-liner was based on my reaction when I saw that all three restrooms (Men, Women, Family) were out of order. There I was, having just come from Maddie’s where I had a couple cups of coffee with breakfast and I was carrying a large coffee to go.

All three – Out of Order

When you see that sign, you gotta go!

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    • Thanks for identifying the hawk. I was hoping for a couple chances at snapping his picture, but he took off as soon as I tried to take the second one. I like that photo, too, but I wish he had hung around for a few minutes. I’m not sure what the actual name of the building is. I Was sent there once for work, and that’s the name they gave me. I tend to overdo it with the trestle during the winter because I can hardly see it from the road once the trees leaf out.

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  1. A morning that starts out with trestles is a good one. And they start a new month too! But the cat in the lace curtains is a close second — I like that image. “Out of Order” on three bathrooms? Very bad PR.

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    • MiMi thanks you. She likes to sit in that window. The trestles always make me smile when I see them. Soon, the leaves will reappear and that view will be blocked. There was another set of restrooms at the other end of the dealership, but these were next to the customer lounge.


  2. You have the most polite squirrels. The photo of the bird is still a good action shot.
    All three restrooms out of order at the same time? Gimme a break. Someone didn’t feel like cleaning them. Sheesh!

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    • I guess polite is one word. They are cute. We open the door and they stand up with their little hands together. I picture them saying to each other, “Look sharp, they can’t resist us when we’re cute.”

      With the weather we’ve been having, those restrooms weren’t close due to a frozen pipe.

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  3. I always wonder why auto dealers seem so incapable of providing basics for customers who have to wait. Having all of the restrooms out of order almost seems like an executive decision designed to cut down on the need to clean them. (just saying) Excellent photos, Dan.

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  4. If I were in your car dealership and the restrooms were not readily available, my bladder would
    automatically start working overtime. Hopefully I could make it in time to the other end of the building, which is probably 1/4 of a mile away and has standing room only!

    I love MiMi peeking out the window to see if she’s missing anything.

    Smokey is just too darn cute, and he knows how to work it to get what he wants.

    That leaf standing at attention sure got your attention! Is that Leaf Yoga?

    JP’s one-liner is excellent!

    Stay warm in the cold snap that’s coming our way. MiMi will be very happy if you keep the wood burning stove on 24/7.

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    • My wife had the same reaction when I sent her that photo, Ginger.

      Smokey and his cousins all know how to work their cuteness. It’s a different kind of foraging, but they’re very good at it.

      GP nailed me on that one-liner. Karma, justice, irony, I don’t know, but I think someone was sending me a message.

      Stay warm this weekend. The cold isn’t going to last very long.


  5. Ouch! I’ve been in that situation many times. It was always happening at USPTO. Not nearly enough “facilities” for the number of women on our floor. Add to it, people in the call center got a bad attitude about their job and to retaliate, deliberately stopped up the toilet — when there were only 3 (for women and 3 for men) on that floor (or any floor of that 9 story building). I’m just saying that I understand completely.

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    • I was the poor slob that had to contact the building when there were problems in the restrooms on our floor. Once, a female coworker came into my office and announced that, “The ladies’ room is a hot mess.”

      That’s when you wish you could poke your imagination’s eyes.

      Thanks Teagan – welcome back online :-)

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  6. The three out of order bathrooms should have featured a guest appearance by Al Pacino saying “the whole plumbing situation is out of order!” The hawk-on-the-move photo is one of those happy picture accidents where the unintended shot of a take-off still is a great shot. You do have some very polite squirrels, Dan.

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    • Haha – I think you’re right about the guest appearance, Bruce. I do like the hawk photo. I doubt I would have taken it if I had been trying. The squirrels are polite, but they have our number (and they seem to know it).

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    • Hahaha – you might be right! Some of them have been knocking on the doors for a while. We don’t know how, but one used to open our mailbox and let the lid flop down on the railing. We’d go out and he’d be sitting on the mailbox. Then he’d jump down for a peanut.


  7. I recently had your restroom problem at a large fancy mall in Poland . They had only one restroom and the men’s was closed . I checked the whole place three times for another restroom , and waited for the men’s to open — but no luck . Having an inner divining rod for restrooms, however , I crossed the street and found another public restroom — closed . I went to a kebab place another block away and had to ask for a key to the men’s room . When you gotta go you gotta go . My policy is to always have a plan B in mind , and a plan C .

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