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We’ve read and shared a lot of words this past weekend, so I’ll give everyone a break today. If you missed our conversation with Damyanti Biswas on Saturday, I encourage you to take a look.

Today, I’m back with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and Cee says:

This week our topic is Smiles. Any kind of smile or happy face. I so hope you have some fun with this topic.

Let’s see what we can find in the archive. Note: you have to imagine some of the smiles.

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  1. You have certainly caught some beautiful smiles there Dan. They are all beautiful, I love the stone and rock paintings they are lovely. The biggest smiles are of you and Faith together, and Maddie’s ( the dog ) huge smile for faith too.💜

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  2. Preston’s “smile” is the look of the superior species — how good of cats to tolerate us! Maddie, on the other hand, definitely knew how to smile; that is one very happy face for Faith. Good faces for a new week — thanks!

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  3. Thanks for starting my week off with such great smiles…especially Maddie’s. And Preston…well Preston is so darn handsome he really doesn’t have to smile. Love the painted rocks, particularly Eeyore. Dr. Seuss characters always bring a smile.

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    • Another Eyore fan. You’re in good company (with the editor), Ginger. Maddie always let us know when she was happy, and all it took was walking or sitting (or Faith, at which point we could leave and Maddie wouldn’t have cared). I hope your week is off to a good start.


  4. Such great smiles today, Dan. Preston is such a handsome boy. Maddie–grinning ear to ear. What a sweetheart. We don’t find painted rocks anymore–I wish we did. They always brought a smile.

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  5. Y’all sure have a lot of painted rocks! Makes me wish I never stopped as a kid. Obviously, people get a smile from them! Why do you have a Cat in the Hat balloon? Was Faith drinking a Mikes also. I used to love those! I can’t do the hard lemonades anymore. Y’all looked like you were having fun 🤩

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    • I usually see those painted rocks in the park where I walk. They leave them on the fence or near a tree. They make me smile, so I snag a picture. I don’t move them around. The Cat in the Hat is a stature inside the Dr. Seuss Museum in nearby Springfield, MA. He grew up there. The museum is close to the Mulberry Street he wrote about. Faith was probably also drinking Mike’s. There aren’t many choices at the stadium, but that’s always a good one. We were in Pittsburgh for a Steelers game.

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    • I’m glad, Cee. This was a great memory exercise for me. I didn’t have many photos tagged with ‘smile,’ so I had to think of where I had seen smiles. The Dr. Seuss Museum was a great place to find smiles, and The Cat in the Hat is a favorite character.

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    • I love it when Eat’n Park changes the Smiley to look like a pirate. I haven’t seen any painted rocks for a while. These were out there for months, although people moved them around a little. One even showed up on a bench in the park across the street. The Scooby ball was one of the few toys Maddie didn’t rip to shreds. It was a gift to her from our neighbor (Maddie’s favorite neighbor).

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  6. Hi Dan – wonderful and particularly the last one is making me cheerily happy … love all the photos and Preston, and Maddie … and the rest – cheers Hilary

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