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Welcome to Thursday Doors! This is a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos, drawings, or other images or stories from around the world. If you’d like to join us, simply create your own Thursday Doors post each (or any) week and then share a link to your post in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time). If you like, you can add our badge to your post.

As I mentioned last week, I collected quite a few doors from deep in the archives. Some of these were taken more than twenty years ago.

Note: I will be away for a large portion of the day. I like to visit every shared post, but I may be late getting to some.

I had planned to write more about these doors, but I have been on the road for a short trip, so I’ll let the captions do the work today.

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  1. Hi Dan, I took your advice and I’m participating this week with just one door. Actually half a door. I hope it qualifies.
    These are some precious finds in of your archive. ‘The small door in the wall made out of another door’ is an interesting description. I like old and weathered. So, the door to the nursery where your wife buys her plants, is an easy favourite.
    And finally, here’s my post for the week.

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  2. The Molly Wee? Now I’ve got “here we go, round again…” bouncing around in my head! You do bring back some dusty memories! That room set up for Toastmasters is amazingly unwelcoming; I’d much rather meet in that old barn!

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    • That speech was on “How not to be intimidated,” but you’re right, I’d rather be in a corner of the barn. The Molly Wee is a favorite, Maureen. It shows up often. Unfortunately, a developer wants to raze the entire block and build some stupid office building. I hope to get back to NYC before that happens.

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    • I would love to travel across the country by train, Gwen. That had to be fun. The farthest I’ve gone is from north central CT to Washington, D.C. – that’s just under seven hours.


  3. Interesting collection of doors and buildings today. Love the old barn and the grandfather clock doors. Train doors always pump up the imagination of who’s riding and where are they going. The room for the Toastmasters would make me run the other way! Not welcoming at all.

    MiMi curled up on the empty shelf is adorable and so “cat-like”!

    Hope whatever is occupying your day is something enjoyable! You know, like not a root canal or colonoscopy! 🤗

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    • I’m trying not to spit my coffee out, Ginger. Not a root canal. I came up to Boston yesterday to see some old friends. But, I made a stop along the way that will be featured here next week. I predict you will enjoy that.

      MiMi always likes to be around when I’m working. When she was younger, she used to steal tools out of my bag. One, a tiny pry-bar remains missing to this day. I think it’s buried in the concrete surrounding the drain to a shower in the basement. either that, or she has a tool chest we don’t know about.

      I told Maureen, the speech was on “How not to be intimidated.” People groaned when I showed that image. They say most people fear speaking in public more than they fear death. I’m not sure about that, but maybe more than a root canal.


  4. Great photos, Dan. I like the theme of empty space (MiMi) is so cute!
    The barn/ farm is my favorite. I enjoy the weathered wood of those older homestead buildings; it is nice this one is still in use.
    Thanks for sharing your archive treasures, Dan.

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  5. Oh, that Toastmasters room…nothing like a cold and unfriendly room to get you talking. I remember those days well, Dan.
    MiMi looks so cute. I guess you kept that shelf open for her. 😸
    They demolished the NPR building? Was it replaced by something nicer?

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    • I knew you would be able to relate to the Toastmasters room, Lois. MiMi was disappointed, but the bookcase was put back into the use it was designed for. I think they built townhouses at that location in DC.

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  6. Your post reminds me that many buildings don’t have fancy or even memorable doors, but those doors still have value and a purpose. I also like train doors and I have a friend who also makes boxes similar to the one you made. He made puzzle boxes for us to give our girls at Christmas (and I have one as well.) There’s a trick to opening them which makes them fun.

    Thursday Doors…at The White Dove


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    • Thanks Janet. Puzzle boxes sound like fun projects. This one is pretty easy to open. It was an exercise in learning how to use a new router guide that could be precisely adjusted to match the width of the inlay perfectly. I’m glad you like trains. I visited a train station while I was away. Some doors to come.

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