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I don’t have a favorite team in the Super Bowl, but I’m watching, which will keep me from adding much text to the photos I’m trying to gather for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. According to Cee:

This week our topic is Things People Grow. People grow up children and pets, they also grow plants, vegetables and fruit. And as Elke pointed out you can grow beards, hair and nails too. Use your imagine and see what you can come up with. I so hope you have some fun with this topic.

Let’s see what I can find.

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  1. How good to see green things growing, most especially that white lilac again! That’s so gorgeous. Though I know spring will come, I needed this reminder of how everything will change — that is, if the rabbits permit!

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    • Yesterday, I took a picture of some Hyacinth shoots popping up. Of course, the bunny will treat those like an unlimited salad bar. It’s too early for buds and shoots, but I expect we’ll see some this week as the temps climb too high for February.

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    • Our yard was never as clean as it was when Maddie was a puppy. She tried to eat every stick and twig. We were picking up things we always used to leave as building material for the birds. It will be a while before we see blooms, but we are moving toward spring. Chiefs won – we’re good.

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  2. Hi Dan – sadly I grow older! Lovely to see the bulbs which are ready to come forth this year … our crocuses and daffs are out. Children too grow – as well as dogs … fun to see Faith with Maddie! Love the pup one – cheers Hilary

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  3. Great to see those past spring blooms. Love the toad! You chose a great selection of things growing and developing. The cycle of life goes on. I just keep growing older!

    But those crab apples. I think they’re crying because someone told them they looked like old crabs! But they were probably talking about me! 🥴

    Then there’s puppy Maddie. Made me tear up and smile at the same time. Our beautiful redhead had the opportunity to grow and develop because of you, the Editor and Faith. You all loved her unconditionally and she loved you all right back.

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful lilacs again this year.

    It’s still 20 degrees, but dry and sunny. I agree with you Dan. Spring will arrive and just when we’re getting used to the glorious warm temperatures a cold snap is going to stick its ugly head in. Sigh..

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    • We love our toad(s), Ginger. We don’t see them very often and they always make us smile.

      The crab apples are drinking up moisture and I think they’re smiling inside.

      Puppy Maddie was already a handful. She was going to eat that little stick. We scoured the yard, picking up every tiny twig. Our yard was never as clean as it was when she was little. She required a lot of love and care, but she returned love.

      I am hoping those lilacs don’t push out too soon. It’s going to be 64 here in Thursday. That’s scary.

      I hope you have a wonderful week.


  4. The game was great–as was Mahomes! I figured you’d be rooting for Philly.
    Puppy Maddie was so darn cute! I love the photo of Maddie and Faith–with a bag of peanuts nearby. And the frog–what a chunky one he is. I had no idea the damage rabbits do. What a shame.

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