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In addition to thanking Sally Cronin for her wonderful review of The Evil You Choose, I have to add two things. First, although I thought I followed the comments on her original post, WordPress did not. I will correct that today and respond to all comments later this morning. Second, I’ve been debating when to start more formally promoting this book, and the third book in the series. I think Sally has given me a nudge. More to come about that on Saturday. Thank you Sally, so very much. Comments will be closed here, but I will follow them at Sally’s place.

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Delighted to share my review for Dan Antion and The Evil You Choose: Dreamer’s Alliance – Book 2

About the book

Zach Amstead has kept his ability to participate in lucid dreams a secret for over fifty years However, in the high-tech world of the 21st century, he has been discovered by an FBI Special Agent who has a corrupt agenda and who is willing to employ illegal tactics while working toward his goal.

Thomas Slocum gives Zach a choice – cooperate in an illegal operation or be treated as a terrorist. Slocum’s plan puts Zach on a collision course with organized crime leaders, a corrupt politician and brings innocent people into dangerous situations. Worse, the FBI process which allowed Slocum to uncover Zach’s abilities threatens to expose the abilities of his best friend, Billy.

My review for the book March 4th 2023

The first book Knuckleheads was a great…

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