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Cee’s challenges, are still on hold as she waits for Chris’s recovery from emergency surgery. I’m sure most of you understand the closeness we feel, and the attachment we have with our blog friends, and how, at a time like this, all we think about is Cee and Chris. I am keeping them both in my prayers, and I hope Chris’s condition continues to improve.

In the meantime, I scrolled back into Cee’s prompts to a point well before I joined this challenge to come up with a prompt I could use. I chose”

All about Cities (Skylines to Street Photography)

Cee has removed her post for that prompt, but we know how this works. I stepped into the archive for some photos that match the criteria. I also took a little liberty with the prompt (and the word Skyline).

By the way, as I mentioned on Saturday, I will have a post tomorrow. Two Review Tuesday returns. I hope to see you here.

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  1. Feeling like part of one big blogging family is one of the reasons I keep blogging… being able to reach across the world and keep in touch with real people in real time is good for the soul, keeping the human connection is so important for all of us… :-)

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  2. You captured some gorgeous skyline views of the city Dan. Well done. The crane was quite appropriate. I doubt there is one day that a crane isn’t up and running somewhere in the city!

    I just love the photo where you would “normally see the skyline”.

    Hope this is the start of a good week for you, although I imagine you will be out with the snowblower a good part of tomorrow! We knew winter would find us before spring arrived!

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    • I love city skylines, Ginger. Small cities or big ones, I’m always acting like a tourist. When I used to start my day at Great River Park, I was always across from Hartford’s mini-skyline. I still enjoyed seeing it.

      Sometimes, I think this whole winter was a matter of timing. So much of the rain we had would have been snow if it had fallen overnight instead of during the day. I’ll take what we get and deal with it. What else can we do?

      I hope you have a great week.


  3. Back in my salad days I lived in downtown Chicago, and that’s when I learned I am not a city person; I’m just too slow. But I remain fascinated by it. Especially at night. Your photo of the moon over the city and bridge is beautiful — there’s the reason cities are fascinating. As for Cee and blogging, I’ve never been able to figure out the challenges, but I’ve certainly seen the blogs inspired by Cee. There is a surprising personal element to many of these blogs, and we do develop a concern for each other, I think, even though we never meet, and that is something else fascinating. With those who know them, I too hope for the best for Cee and Chris.

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    • I’ve always lived outside of cities, but I enjoy visiting downtown, and even staying in a downtown hotel (when I can afford it). I’ve been through Chicago a million times, but I only visited the city on a couple occasions. Fortunately one time I was with a friend who has lived there forever and loves to walk. We covered a lot of ground.

      This community is special. Lots of people I’ve never met, but I care about them.

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  4. Oh Dan, thanks so much for your wonderful supportive words. You are so kind and thoughtful. I love your photos. I have scheduled CFFC for tomorrow. Chris is still in the hospital, but she is doing real well. She will go to rehab most likely in the next couple of days. I’m waiting on confirmation, then I’ll do another update.

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  5. My favourite is the mist in the trees. I know the skyline is behind the mist but it is a beautiful shot. City skylines are a wonderful prelude to the city itself. I do love to see them.

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  6. Hi Dan – I too wish Chris a happy ending … and it’s good to see the update from Cee. With thoughts to them … and it’s great you’re supporting them. City scapes are fascinating … I went up the first of the world trade centre in 1976 … amazing to see NY below … cheers Hilary

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    • I moved to NY in 1977, Hilary. I only lived there a little over one year. It’s amazing how much the skyline has changed, and there always seems to be a crane where they are continuing to change the look.

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      • Oh, we do get close. It’s wonderful! Sometimes I feel like my blogging friends are closer than my ‘in person’ friends. Really. Thanks for the update on Cee and Chris. Best to you, Dan.

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  7. Gorgeous pictures! I’m so sorry to hear about Cee’s medical stress. I don’t even interact with her, but I’ve enjoyed many a post that her challenge has inspired. I wish her and hers the very best.


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