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We had a storm in mid-December that left 6″(15cm) of snow. Since then, we’ve had mild temperatures and lots of rain. Crocus bloomed, hyacinth started growing and tulips popped out of the ground in the past two weeks—early for all of them. Yesterday, one of the chipmunks who lives below our yard broke his hibernation and began foraging.

Then winter spoke:

“I’m here—better late than never…right?”

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  1. Hi Dan – fluffy … but grey and glumpy at times … not so good here either, but none of the white stuff I’m glad to say … cheers Hilary

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  2. waves hello to Smokey
    We’re making up for our lack of snow as well. 5 inches yesterday, 3 inches a few days before and another 8 coming on Saturday. Guess I should wave hello to winter as well.

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    • We got more snow after I finished clearing the driveway, but fortunately, it melted on the pavement. I’m not sure how much we got, but I started moving it around when we had six inches because it was starting to settle into a heavier/wetter mix.

      Smokey says hi!

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  3. I don’t think your Burning Bush is burning now Dan! Smokey is the cutest little beggar. He’s developed it into an art! And I bet the birds made quick work of the seeds on the lawn.

    Every so often I come across a leaf that appears to have just fallen from a tree. Amazing!

    We officially got 8.5” of the white stuff.

    Good thing you did all the snowblower preparation! At least you were ready for the storm. Your little Cypress thank you for freeing them from the snow cover.

    Happy Hump Day Dan.

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    • Smokey does have the begging thing down well. He gives us that look, and we can’t say no. He does seem to appreciate the peanuts and the pumpkin seeds (that are supposed to be for the birds)!

      The snow blower worked well. I moved the snow while it was still kinda fluffy. It didn’t stay fluffy. As I was finishing, it was getting wetter and wetter. I was glad I got out there when I did.

      The cypress did all seem to breath a sigh of relief when I brushed them off. No damage this time.

      I’m not sure where that leaf came from. I walk the same route every day. You’d think I’d know every leaf by now. (now I just reminded myself of Roger Miller’s King of the Road…ugh).

      I hope you have a great rest of the week, Ginger!

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  4. Oh, that wet heavy yuck! The cypress branches tell the story. Yesterday Judy commented that it had been snowing there for 18 hours straight. You have really been pounded. I don’t doubt that bird seed and those peanuts were deeply appreciated!

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    • The birds and squirrels seem to know when bad weather is coming, and they also seem to know when the storm is over. Our forecasters??? Not so much. It did snow for a very long time afte rI cleared the driveway, but none stuck to the pavement – yay!

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    • Thanks Gwen. I started before the snow stopped falling to move it while it was still somewhat light and fluffy. Clearing the snow here is half science, half luck. I hope you’re having a good week.

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  5. You call that snow? Puh-leeze… Take a little meander up my ways. We got an extra 8-10 yesterday, making what was already still here all the more. Sigh. I know I said I like snow in the winter because everything is brighter but honestly, I don’t need that much.
    Your images are lovely, of course!

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    • We had winters like that, Dale. Winters where the snow bank on the side of the driveway was higher than me, but not this year. I’ve been missing the snow as it’s been missing us. We had a lot of rain, but the moisture and the temperature never quite connected.

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  6. The weather this year is so strange. Down here in my part of Florida, we have broken heat records for February. We hit a record high of 84 yesterday. I’m sure the electric company is smiling because the humidity has been so awful we had to turn on the A/C–in February!!
    Smokey is such a cutie. I’m glad he hangs with you to be fed.

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    • Having the A/C on in February must feel weird. Ours is still living under its winter roof. We’ve had a very mild winter, and this stuff won’t stick around long, but it was good to see. Smokey know that we’re a soft touch and he knows how cute he is.

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  7. That Groundhog was right about more winter wasn’t he!
    We’re still getting snow. We’re supposed to have a break until Saturday when more comes in.
    Can I borrow your snowplow please? 😂 After this winter I’m considering one!! I think all my neighbors would be so impressed with your snowplow set up.

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    • Haha – adding the cup holder may have been over the top, but I love it. Yesterday was a great day to have the storm cab, as the wind was blowing the snow back at me, and a light drizzly snow continued falling. The back of my coat was soaked.

      In previous years, I took care of as many as five driveways – all people older than me or single women who needed a hand. Most of them have passed on, and younger people have moved in. So now, I just have to clear my space and I’m done! It feels weird.

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  8. Dan, was there just a liiiiitle part of you that was glad to use your souped-up snow machine again? If the answer is a loud “No!” I totally get it. I wish my winters here would last longer, but that’s HERE. I wouldn’t want your winters. Moving snow is backbreaking and ice is dangerous. Stay safe and well. Hugs.

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  9. Dan, our snow blower’s only activity this season was a start-up back in early November to make sure it was tuned up and ready for all the snow to come…and none has. That being said, it has more than paid for itself back in the day when we had actual Winter, so perhaps it will appreciate taking a year off. Our flowers and trees remain confused, as do our birds and squirrels. March has arrived, and perhaps Spring has already sprung?

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    • I agree, Bruce. This machine has logged several years of hard labor, including one 80-inch-January. I’ll give it a year off if that’s what’s called for. I just don’t want to see it get out of shape ;-)

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  10. We had a nasty blizzard on Monday but now it’s almost gone. Lots of snow still on the grass but the roads are clear. It looks like that leaf is waving at us, beautiful picture. And your menagerie are so polite, it is impressive!

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    • Smokey does seem to be a polite beggar. Although one of them sees us in the window and starts running for the steps. I feel like we’re being timed. Our snow fell mostly quietly. The wind picked up for a while (while I was out) but not a bad storm. I think that leaf wanted to show us that it escaped all the rakes, blowers and bags.

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  11. I like the puffy white snow pics, reminds me of living in CO when I would have to go out and shake everything off the bushes and trees.  Leaf number one😂

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  12. I don’t recall ever seeing a squirrel that color before. All the ones I’ve seen are gray. They drive my yellow lab nuts. She’s either chasing them or watching them closely as they play.

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    • These guys used to be somewhat rare, here, but are common now. Our Irish Setter used to love these guys. We’d be outside and they would come right up to where she was laying, to beg for peanuts. Our yard is like a safe haven for them. I think I read once that black squirrels are now common from Ohio, through New York and New England. They are so cute (and they seem to know that).

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  13. February and March have flipped their weather. Our multiple late snowfalls have been heavy and wet, which is always a snowblower clogger. Not fun to clear out, but so much fun for the children. Sledding and making snow people has been wonderful.

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