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Cee offered an update mid-week, and the news is good. I’m still keeping a good thought for her and especially for Chris.

Cee was able to return to her prompts, and on Tuesday, she gave us the following prompt:

“This week our topic is Things People Visit. There are a lot of things people visit, use your imagination.”

I don’t know about people in general, but I think I can create a gallery of things I’ve visited. Some are actually close to where Cee and Chris are. Well, in Oregon.

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  1. A vicarious visit is still a visit, and I enjoyed pretending I was there. Faith has some nerve looking so pretty soaking wet, but the look sure evokes place! That new bridge over the Mississippi is very imposing, as is the photo of D.C., but I think my favorite is the hearth at Sturbridge. Of all the places to visit, the past is probably the most intriguing to me.

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    • These were all such good memories, it was easy to find pictures to include. I tried to find a picture of me at Niagara Falls, but I didn’t look as good. We love visiting Old Sturbridge Village. There is something special about stepping into a scene from almost 200 years ago.

      I hope you have a great week.

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  2. That is the most beautiful photo of Faith ever! She looks sooo happy!

    Wonderful collection of places you’ve visited. So many memories wrapped up in each photo. I love seeing waterfalls, even man-made in a park. They are mesmerizing.

    Now that you’ve retired I hope you can add a lot more visits to your “done” list.

    Have a great week.

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    • Thanks Ginger. Visiting places around New England was going to be a big part of retirement. Unfortunately, I retire just before a certain virus came to town. Getting back in the swing of things. I hope to do a hike or two with Faith this year.

      That trip to Niagara Falls was unplanned. We connected with a friend from England and drove to Toronto for a conference. He asked if we could stop at the falls on the way home. We had a wonderful time during that entire trip.

      I really like seeing waterfalls.

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    • I did, Willow. I was in London for a business meeting, and only had one day to do any sightseeing, and that was where I wanted to go. I figured out the trains. I got lost for a bit walking to the station I needed to start at. I was following the driving directions but didn’t account for the fact that you proceed through roundabouts differently than we do. But, a nice man pointed me in the right direction and I made it. I enjoyed the visit. I did some walks around London from the hotel, then went to visit my friend in Ipswich. I’d love to visit again with more time.

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    • I was there for a business meeting that was held in Dallas Union Station. Other than a quick walk around the city, I didn’t see much. It was one of those meetings that starts with lunch, rolls through dinner and ends the next afternoon. Designed to let everyone get in and out quickly :(

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      • Yes, in that short time it’s hard to get any appreciation for Dallas as a city or cultural destination. The traffic might be enough to dismay some people though. I preferred Ft Worth (where we lived) for that very reason. I did go many times to Dallas for cultural events, concerts, and certain restaurants though. The city has much to offer!

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  3. ‘Home of the Codebreakers’–that sounds so intriguing. Did you cross that bridge at Multnomah Falls?! The sound of the waterfall must have been deafening but wonderful.

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    • I did cross the bridge. The falls are not too loud. We hiked to the top, and then had dinner at a restaurant at the base of the falls. It was a great day. Bletchly Park (where Alan Turing worked) was amazing. People made fun of me for choosing to go there on the only day I had for sightseeing, but I was thrilled to have the chance. Plus I got a couple of train rides in. A great nerd holiday.

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    • I wasn’t familiar with the Bean either until that trip. I had a ticket from a cancelled flight on Southwest that was going to expire. They wouldn’t extend it for one month so I could use it for a planned trip, so I went to Chicago for an overnight. A friend walked my butt off. The Bean was our first stop.


  4. I would love to visit those waterfalls! I bet the view from the bridge is exquisite. Now as long as there’s a pub at the end of the day to visit for a pint, I’m in.

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    • There is usually a pub at the end of my hikes, Pam ;-) After we hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls in Oregon, my friends took me to dinner in a restaurant at the base of the falls. I did feel like I had earned a beer.

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  5. Hi Dan – what lovely visits – and yes Faith looks quite delightful – and obviously enjoying the waters. I’m glad you got up to Bletchley Park … but only a few hours in our little island is not enough – one day another longer visit perhaps?! The Bean (Cloud Gate) fascinated me and I see it was designed by Anish Kapoor – one of the world’s most creative designers … cheers – lovely photos and I’m glad Chris is improving, especially for Cee’s sake. Hilary

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    • I would like to come back for a longer visit. After the meeting in London, I visited a friend in Ipswich for a couple days. I’d like to see him again, too. The Bean is fascinating, and an amazing bit of metal work in addition to the artistic value. I do hope Chris continues to recover well.

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