It’s Saturday, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the last full day in the year. We skip our clocks ahead tonight and steal an hour that will not be recovered until November and perhaps not even then (depending on what Congress does or doesn’t do). In any case, Linda G. Hill sent me to the dictionary today with her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mat/met/mitt/mot/mutt.” Choose one or use them all, any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

Let’s see if David and I can have some fun with this. There’s no mention of bonus points, but I can’t resist trying to use them all (I checked with Linda ;-)

If we were having a beer, you’d be in a good mood.

“Good afternoon, Dan, Cheryl. The drinks are on me today, so let’s not waste any time.”

“Well, we have to waste a little time, David. I was opening a new jar of cherries and I spilled some of the juice on the mat. I need to wipe it up before it gets sticky.”

“You didn’t lose any cherries, did you?”

“Not that you would know.”

“A little bon mot at my expense, Cheryl?”

“Bon mot? What on earth does that mean, David?”

“A witty expression, Dan. I believe its French.”

“Well, almost.”


“I’m sorry, David. You reminded me of a scene in a Star Trek episode. Do you remember, Cheryl?”

“Yes! Manhunt, the one where Lwaxana Troi met and fell in love with Rex the bartender on the holodeck. I love that episode, Dan.”

“You two are hopeless, you know that. I think you could describe everything in life as if it were a Star Trek episode.”

“That would be a Star Trek episode, David. ‘Darmok.’ It’s about a species who communicate using metaphors.”

“OK guys, here are your drinks. John Howell’s bourbon for David, seltzer, ice, and cherries included, and a Modelo for Dan.”

“Do you watch anything other than Star Trek, Dan?”

“Of course, I do David. In fact, just last night I was watching an old favorite episode of the Twilight Zone.”

“Still hopeless. What episode?”

“It was ‘Little Girl Lost’ from the third season.”

“I thought ‘Little Girl Lost’ was a movie about, oh, what was her name, Delimar Vera Cuevas, that’s it.”

“There have been a lot of books, movies, and TV shows with the title ‘Little Girl Lost.’ The Twilight Zone episode was based on a science fiction story from the fifties.”

“Let me guess, it’s about a bartender searching in the basement for another bottle of John Howell’s Bourbon and she gets abducted by aliens.”

“No, a little girl slips into the fourth dimension.”

“Same thing. How does she get back?”

“The dog rescues her.”

“Hee hee – ‘Man what a mutt!’ That’s what the physicist from next door says when Mack (the dog) brings the girl out.”

“I take it you’re familiar with this episode, Cheryl. I guess everyone should have a physicist living next door.”

“Yep. Now would you two like to discuss more great science fiction shows, or would you like another round and some food?”

“Any specials today?”

“I think they programmed the replicators to deliver French Onion soup and a side salad, David.”

“That sounds good Cheryl, but I’d rather mine be prepared in the kitchen by humans from this dimension.”

“Spoil sport.”

“Speaking of crazy rescues, Dan, I saw that you were watching and reading The Andromeda Strain version from the seventies. Did you watch the remake?”

“The mini-series in 2018? I tried to watch it, but I didn’t think it was very good.”

“It was modern. I mean how many people today would know what a teletype terminal was.”

“That was why I watched it, David. But it still didn’t do much for me.”

“Well, after the three years we’ve just lived through, a story about an out-of-control virus isn’t something I’m interested in.”

“Here you go guys. Be careful with that soup. The bowls are so hot I almost needed an oven mitt to put them on the tray.”

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  1. Good morning Dan I will give you extra points for Star Trek, Andromeda Strain and Twilight Zone like to I am a you got all the prompts in and they made sense! Great photos too what can I say a great effort! 💜💜

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  2. I think all your readers will award you bonus points for today — a warrior’s challenge! “Cold and windy” says it all, and that rabbit’s fur coat looks about right for this season.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jealous of your budding hyacinths… and the lovely bunny of course. It’s nice to see both again. We’re due for a n’or easter next week with a possible foot of snow so spring is still a ways off for us.

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  4. Good morning, Dan. I meant to tell you the last time you mentioned Andromeda Strain I had watched the movie ages ago but, not read the book. What stuck with me from the movie was when everything when pear shaped and the lab went into lock down but, the lead actress got out but, the emergency klaxon was blaring, the red emergency lights were blinking which started her down some weird hypnotic place that she couldn’t shake and then when she got into her car and following car red lights she became…catatonic…frozen …it was weird and a bit eerie. I’ve never forgotten that whole scene. For some reason it’s stuck with me.

    When the pandemic hit my first thoughts were of Michael Crichton and his novels about stuff like that.

    The squirrel in the knot hole is so stinkin’ cute!! No buds here yet, we had a light dusting of snow overnight I see, but the Starlings, and Red-wing Blackbirds have arrived so Spring is just about here!

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    • It’s interesting, Deborah. Her character is not female in the book. The group is four guys, but the one with her name is an epileptic. I guess, in the seventies, they felt the need to add a woman to the crew for the movie. Our dog, Maddie, had epilepsy, and would get into those places where she seemed like she was in a trance. She wouldn’t seem to know where she was, or – when we had taken her out because she had gone to the door – why she was there. She’d look up at us like she was asking for help. We’d take her back in and she’d be like, “Oh, wait, I have to pee.” Early on, she had full-blown seizures. She was on medication, which helped for a long time but eventually things got too bad.

      Michael Crichton was a doctor (Harvard Med), but he ignored practicing medicine in order to focus on writing.

      We’ve seen a few early Robins, and it’s getting noisy on the way to the park. We’ve got a yucky rain/snow/sleet mix falling right now, but I don’t think it will amount to much. I hope you have a great weekend.

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    • We are enjoying a wintry mix right now, but I doubt any accumulation will result. The storm that’s coming seems like it will be a rain event for us. Once the temps start climbing higher, that snow won’t last long…right?

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  5. Well you slam-dunked the prompt today Dan! Even I will give you bonus points!

    Smokey in his tree condo is just too cute giving delivery orders. Smokey seems to have found a good hiding place…but not from the camera!

    I saw a bunny yesterday for the first time this year! Yep, those leaves look like a good hidey -hole for baby bunnies.

    Been snowing here since last night. Wet, heavy snow. Nor’easter forecast for Monday. I just keep telling myself that spring IS coming….hopefully in my lifetime. We are inundated with Red-Wing Blackbirds. Waiting to see the first Robin.

    Hope you can use the snowblower and not have to shovel where you are.


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    • I am the peanut version of Uber Eats, Ginger. No tip, other than the chance to snag a photo of that cute little guy/girl. So darn cute.

      Last year, I accidentally uncovered a baby bunny hole. The Editor nudged the little guy back in and covered them back up. We saw evidence that the next was successful when they emerged a week or so later. This year, I’m not taking any changes.

      Our forecast has Monday’s storm bringing rain to our area. Whatever falls, I think we can deal with it. We didn’t have much of a winter, but I’m still ready for spring.

      I hope you have a great weekend.


  6. Bonus!! I watched Star Trek when I was very young, but it’s not my jam and I’d never watch reruns of it. Twilight Zone, yes!
    Great job on the prompts!
    Since I’m currently in AZ, we don’t have to observe daylight savings. But when I go home to Texas in a couple of weeks, I’m gonna be so messed up for a while!

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  7. There’s nothing better than a Star Trek discussion with friends at the bar. As another Trek fan, I am giving you 100 bonus points for your post, Dan. I would say something very Trekkie and witty here, but the brain isn’t working quite yet, so I’ll grab another cup of tea and end with “live long and prosper.”

    Happy Saturday, happy weekend!

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  8. I like the old Twilight Episodes. I always watch them or something like them when The Producer is out of town. She will be taking a trip in April, so I’ll be back on it. The soup looks good. The photos are superb, and you have the bonus points, Dan. Thanks for the mention. I hope you have a super Sunday.

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  9. I got all your references with the exception of the Twilight Zone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that episode. That surprises me. You certainly look like you have embraced spring. Our last major dumping of snow was last night so we’re still digging out from the… White stuff… I am so over winter!

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    • You’ve had so much more snow than us this winter, Pam. I think you’re entitled to be over it.

      That’s one of the episodes I remember from when it was still on the air. I was very young, and worried about that happening.

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  10. David cracks me up when he gets all fancy…bon mot. C’est oui! I forgot all about Daylight Savings time, so thank you for the reminder. There is always that panic when I get in my car–which I don’t drive near as much as when I worked–and realize I need to set the clock an hour ahead. Whew! I’m not later after all. 😧

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    • I’m glad to be the reminder, although I wash it wasn’t coming. David can pull off the fancy. I couldn’t. I hope you have a great short day, Lois. At least you’re not grogging your way into work on Monday.

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  11. My favorite photo today is the French onion soup! It looks so good although probably more welcome there in the cold than here where it’s in the mid-seventies. I would still eat it, though. Great job on using all the words. Enjoy the weekend.

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  12. You’re a gold medal winner for getting all the prompts!! Nice work. It’s fun to see the signs of spring even if the bunnies aren’t letting all the sprouts grow. The flag flying in the wind looked great. I almost didn’t see smoky in that one photo – his eye gave him away. Happy spring ahead to you – we practiced all week so it was less of a shock this morning for our kitties who don’t like to have their meal times messed up. Happy St. Patricks’ Day week to you and yours!

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  13. Oh dear lord, the cheese on that soup! 😍Nice job with the prompt Dan. While we spent four (endless) days in hospital after hubby’s surgery we watched quite a bit of tv. I was pleased to find the X Files on Comet and Outer Limits on SciFy. Those episodes were a bit more involved than Twilight Zone which had what I consider more like vignettes. As a teen I loved the Night Gallery series. But the creative genius that was Rod Serling has never been surpassed in my humble opinion.


  14. You are very clever with these stories, Dan. You’ve got the imagination for it! Great job using all the “m” words.

    I hear you on the “sunny” days. When I see sun now I run! As for the wires they are so so ugly!!! There has got to be a better way to distribute energy then via high wires. Enjoyed your gallery and heard the sarcasm regarding sunny days. I heard the humor as well. Thank you!

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