Short and Wonderful

This is our first St. Patrick’s Day without an Irish Setter in the house. So a brief look back to start this very short post. Mitzy, Reilly, Mollie and Maddie all got a little extra attention on this day.

Earlier this week Marian Allen posted a very nice review of When Evil Chooses You – the third book in the Dreamer’s Alliance series. It’s a quick read, and you can see some beautiful nail art while you’re there (no, not mine, Marian’s).

Note: I’m leaving comments open here, in case you want to comment on the photos. Please leave comments about the review at Marian’s place. I’ll find you there. And, if you were looking for Thursday Doors, it’s still open and you can find it over here.

If you like magical realism with suspense, action and a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:

The Evil You Choose
When Evil Chooses You

Series page on Amazon

My profile page (and books) on Lulu

All available on Kindle Unlimited!


  1. A photo of Maddie is perfect on St. Patrick’s Day. For you and the Editor and Faith she will forever live in your hearts along with Mitzi, Reilly, Mollie and MiMi who thought she was Irish! I’m so glad I got to meet Maddie and MiMi and that you were so generous in sharing them with us.

    Happy Irish Day Dan. Perhaps some Irish coffee to celebrate would give you a top o’ the morning!
    Ginger 🍀

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  2. Hi Dan – lovely … and oh Maddie so deserved her comforting pats and strokes … I’m surprised you didn’t title Maddie’s clover ‘MINE”!! I love your t-shirt with its bridges … cheers Hilary

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    • Happy St Patrick’s Day, Hilary. Actually, the clover was one of very few toys Maddie didn’t shred, and it had survived several dogs. We first bought it for Reilly back in the ’90s. That is one of my favorite shirts.

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    • Thanks Bruce, happy St Patrick’s Day! I’ll tip a glass to al of them. I need to visit thew Molly Wee again this year. I saw an article saying some developer is going to raze the entire block and build a high-rise.

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  3. We’ve never had an Irish setter, lots of huskie-collie-mutt mixes. I love your pics of Maddie over the years and am glad I sketched her. Mitchell and I miss dogs and have thought about getting another but with our work schedule still on high for a few more years we think a doggie would be too much for us — though like the cats, s/he could come to work with us. Big huggs to you today and always.

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  4. A sweet tribute to good memories. I used to think someday I would like to have an Irish Setter. I can’t imagine they would shed any more than a golden retriever or husky mix like Marley. Even if they did, their beauty would make up for it.

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