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I am running late, and I’ve been blogging more often than normal, so I’ll get right to the point. Cee is back (Yay!) with a new Fun Foto Challenge. Cee and I also have an announcement, but I’ll let her mention that tomorrow although she gave a hint in this week’s prompt:

This week our topic is Things People Drive or Pilot. Have fun with this challenge.

Next week, will be a special combination with Dan from Thursday Doors Challenge.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – 3/21/23

Note: Two Review Tuesday will be published tomorrow!

Below is the gallery I’ve assembled for this prompt. This prompt runs through today. Cee will announce a new one tomorrow and add the details about our collaboration.

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  1. Hi Dan – I wonder how many men allow their women to drive their cars – but excellent Beatles link to the post. Love the Spitfire and the Studebaker-make-up … while the lime-green bikes stand out and must have been useful – also glad Cee’s life has improved. Cheers Hilary

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    • I did teach my wife to drive that Spitfire. She did pretty well, and I kept it on the road long enough for our daughter to learn. It broke down one day on her way home from work, so she had the full Triumph experience ;-)

      I liked the Lime bikes, but their deal with the city fell through and they ended up only being here one year. I would find one in a park on my way to work, and ride along the river for a while.

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  2. No Beatles in my head — just the Beach Boys. You got around! What a museum this gallery is! Though I’m partial to that old fire engine, and I find that painted car incredible, the photo of the bikes in the park gets first prize from me. Bikes and green trees and a park — throw in some youth — ah, what memories!

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    • Sadly, no. After 30 years, its restoration would have required being my only hobby. It also was going to be extremely expensive – far more than I paid for the car when new. It was a fun ride.

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  3. The painted car is amazing! Then there’s the crane train! The Spitfire with the two “hotties” in it! Green grass, bikes and blue skies…great way to begin a Monday.

    Old Glory is as impressive as always even when cars are trying to hog the picture.

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    • I’m glad you liked this group, Ginger. It was fun looking for photos, and hard choosing. I’ve shared the Triumph before, but I love being able to include pictures of David during one of his visits to the States.

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    • David is the one who loaned his name to the character in the bar. He lives in Ipswich in the UK, but he’s visited and he an I visited quite bars in our time. The train crane is used for construction support when they are working on the rails. I fell in our bathroom and cut my forehead (13 stitches). That’s the ambulance that serves our town. It had been parked at the Fireman’s Carnival during the evening.

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    • Lime Bikes were the on-demand bikes in the Hartford area a few years ago. I had an account with them. On my way to work, I used to stop at a park by the river. On days that we were allowed to wear jeans, I would find one and ride for 15-20 minutes along the river. It was a very nice way to avoid being even earlier to work than I normally was.

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  4. Hi David! Good to see him outside of the bar. Guess his in-laws are at his house…🙄😆
    We had some electric bikes in our downtown but there were problems. First there was a mandate on how fast they could go, then they had hours in use reduced. Finally, the contract with one company was ended and another company took over. It became as confusing as our ‘pay to park’ rules downtown.

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    • They lost the contract with Lime Bikes. They promised to bring in another group. The group they got provides electric scooters. I used to ride the bikes on the path alongside the river. At this point, I’m not keen on riding a scooter within falling-in distance of a river.

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    • Thanks Mae. I haven’t been in an ambulance since. It was a smooth ride, and the EMTs were very nice, but I rather avoid another one if I can. I was stunned when I realized that Studebaker was painted.

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    • I would be happy to drive any of these, Jan (although the rail crane might be a fav). David was kind enough to lend his name to the character at the bar (and they do share a lot of attributes).

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    • The parade truck would be a sweet ride, Bruce. The Lime bikes were great, but the the company and the city couldn’t agree on a contract for a second year. The new vendor switched to electric scooters, which is not my kind of ride.

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    • I hung onto that one long enough to let our daughter drive it one summer. My wife liked it, and drove it often, but the older it got, the more attention it demanded. It was a fun ride, and I had it for 30 years.


  5. Dan, I like the idea of the Lime Bikes and getting your bike ride in before work – what a nice way to start your day. One city near me had bikes you could hop on and ride for free and just put them in a bike rack when you reached your destination, but they were stolen or vandalized, so that great idea ended. I often go to Elizabeth Park in Trenton, Michigan. A few years ago the City of Trenton decided to buy Razor Scooters and they put them all over the park and into the Downtown Business District where they have a lot of shops. I think it’s a great idea, but having never been on a scooter, even when I was younger, my older self is not about to try it now. I see people of all ages getting around on them though.

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    • After one year, the city and the company couldn’t agree on a contract. So the bikes disappeared. They have replaced them with scooters, but like you, I’m not interested in trying them at this point.

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      • That’s too bad – it sounds like you had a good thing going at one time. A fellow blogger is encouraging me to get a bike to ride on some of the trails at the big parks. I may when retired. I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my bike a few years ago. I was lucky I just had bumps and bruises but the bike was severely damaged. I have never ridden again, just an exercise bicycle. My boss is 76 years old and Spring through Fall, he rides mid-day at Belle Isle. He goes around the island to make 26 miles most workdays.

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        • I used to ride my bike a lot. A neck injury limits how long I can ride, and traffic around here forced me off the streets. There is one trail that’s not too far. I hope to spend some time on it this year. I have to get a bike rack for my car.

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          • That sounds like a great plan. A photographer I follow who lives in Tofino, B.C. has not driven a car in years. The city is small enough to get around by bike only and he puts all his photo gear in the bike basket.

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