Contest Results

If you recall, last Thursday I linked to a giveaway contest. Given the extended nature of the challenge (we combined with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge), I let the contest run through yesterday. The contest is closed, the four winners have been notified so I thought I’d share a little bit about the contest, the process and what I learned.

Mechanically, I used the Crowdsignal survey widget that is available from WordPress (at least with paid plans). It’s not the easiest thing to adapt to a contest, so I ended up transferring the results into Excel. Excel is not my happy place, but it’s familiar territory and it has a random number function that makes choosing a winner from a group of correct answers easy.

Between one question with multiple correct answers, one with no correct answers and question four, which was just an opinion, Excel chose three out of four winners. The other question only had one correct answer.

The three slideshows below illustrate the first three questions from the survey. I expanded the captions to give a bit more information about the answers:

1) Which location does NOT appear in all three books?

2) Which location was NEVER visited by an FBI agent in any book?

3) Zach NEVER stepped into a dream at which location?

While there was no correct answer for the fourth question, the majority chose the

Pittsburgh Police River Patrol. These guys saw some action in The Evil You Choose.


    • Thanks Willow. Now that I think I figured out most of the tricky bits, I’ll probably have another at some point. As you know, Amazon does not make gifts easy to give internationally.

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  1. Congratulations to you for setting this up … it’s lost me! But no worries and I’m so pleased you had successful entries, congratulations to those winners – cheers Hilary

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    • The hat might have been easier, Patricia. This was fun, I have the spreadsheet set up, in case I ever do another contest, and I learned a little more about Amazon.


  2. I admire your zeal for learning new tortures combined with technology Dan. You win a round on me at the virtual bar. The next meeting is later today ( I hope ) after my suddenly non virtual plumber gets done installing my suddenly new hot water heater. Perhaps the only item more fun than a car or a suddenly new refrigerator.

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