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It’s Saturday but a lot of people will be celebrating Easter tomorrow, so let’s be quick. David and I decided to meet for a quick beer before continuing our errands. While we’re here, maybe we can handle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘starts with gen.’ Find a word that starts with ‘gen’ and use it in your post. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d need a favor.

“Hi Cheryl.”

“Hi David. Dan’s not here yet, but he’s not late. You are early, my friend. Can I get you some John Howell’s Bourbon?”

“Only if you’re sure Dan is coming. Add to that, I hope he’s in a generous mood—I forgot my wallet.”

“I’ll hold a tab open, or you can pay with your phone.”

“I’m sure you or Skippy could pay with my phone, but I sure don’t know how.”

“Don’t know how to do what, David?”

“Dan, it’s good to see you. I was just telling Cheryl that I forgot my wallet. I was hoping you could pay.”

“I paid last week when Brad was here, but I guess I can cover you again.”

“That’s’ good. Cheryl was going to make me pay with my phone.”

“That might be fun to watch. Cheryl, I’d like a Modelo, and put a bourbon on my tab for this bum.”

“OK, Dan, since we’re only going to be here for one beer, I have a question about this contest you’re having.”

“The contest? The one for my books? That’s over.”

“No, the thing with the door photos.”

“Here you go, John Howell’s Bourbon for the beggar and an ice cold Modelo for his benefactor.”

“Cheers David. The Thursday Doors Writing Challenge isn’t a contest—there are no prizes.”

“But do you have to be a door person to write something?”

“No, that’s the whole point of the challenge. It’s a chance for non-door people to participate in Thursday Doors.”

“So, if I wanted to write something, I could.”


“How long does it have to be?”

“I don’t care. You could write a short poem, a short story, a novella, a book, a play, a movie script—anything you feel like writing after seeing one of those doors.”

“Do you already have doors?”

“We do. There will be more, but we already have a few. They’ll be available tomorrow.”

“And the deadline?”

“You can publish your stuff any time between May first and May thirty-first. I’ll add them to the page as they arrive, and I’ll include an update on Thursdays and in the Sunday recap throughout the month.”

“OK, thanks.”

“Are you going to write something?”

“I don’t know. We’ll see. Can you do me a favor?”


“Can you lend me twenty dollars?”

“I suppose. Why?”

“I have to stop on the way home to get some heavy cream, and I don’t have my wallet.”

“You could pay with your phone.”

“If I didn’t want to pay with my phone in the company of my good friends, I sure don’t want to try at the grocery store in front of a million strangers.”

“Here. Here’s a twenty.”

“What the heck is that?”

“Huh? A twenty-dollar bill.”

“No, that paper that fell out of your wallet.”

“Oh that. That’s the list of stuff I have to pick up on the way home.”

“What are all those lines?”

“My wife got a phone call before she finished telling me what to get. I was doodling on the pad.”

“You might want to see a shrink about that. That looks a little deranged to me.”

“Did Mark Twain, or Thomas Edison see a shrink? Did Winston Churchill see a shrink? Did Ronald Reagan or…”

“What’s you point, Dan?”

“They all doodled.”

“And you know this, how?”

“It was on the back of my Pearls Before Swine page-a-day calendar.”

“I see, and authoritative source. So you think you’re in the same league as them?”

“That would be a very generous comparison, David. Let’s just say I like having something in common with them.”

“Dan, Cheryl, have a Happy Easter!”

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

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  1. Thank you for once again starting my Saturday with a laugh-out-loud. “This bum” did it. The exchanges about paying with a phone piled on. I was recently debating with myself about whether to go back to paying with cash! (But people look at me funny when I do.) I do think the “You again?” caption is accurate and you’d best be wary around that hawk! A very happy Easter to you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Maureen. I’m not sure what people would think when I’m talking to that hawk. “Look, I’m not trying to steal your food, I just need a picture with which to identify you.” He’s not impressed. Paying with cash might just push some younger cashiers over the edge. Hmmm, that might be fun.

      Happy Easter!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m a bit like David. I don’t pay for things with my phone, Dan. I might buy things on my phone, but I am usually not without a debit or credit card, or cash. I don’t bank on my phone either. I try to limit what I do on the phone because I already have my face in it far too often. Plus, banking and paying bills and blogging are much easier on the laptop.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Dan, and I will have to backtrack to check out your writing challenge. I can always use a little push to write something…anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I doodle all the time, always have. It’s great fun. I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about our doodles?

    That hawk is a beauty. Look at those talons! I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of him!

    Both Smokey and Sammy don’t look any worse for the wear after winter. All those peanuts worked their magic.

    Old Glory flying high and proud…beautiful sight.

    Happy Easter to you Dan, and the Editor and Faith and to all your readers who celebrate it tomorrow and those who celebrate on the 16th.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. The Editor celebrates on the 16th, so I’ll pass those good wishes along.

      I hope the hawk keeps hunting in and around the park. I don’t want him finding our bunnies. The squirrels are busy foraging, but when they “find” a peanut, I tell them it doesn’t count.

      As for what a psychiatrist would say about our doodles…I don’t think I want to know. I’ve gotten in trouble in school and in one job, but I’ve never stopped.

      Happy Easter!


  4. Happy Easter, Dan. I love your photos — and your story. I never pay via phone and alternate between cash and card. But…these days, young cashiers cringe with cash. I suspect adding/subtracting is passe. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Gwen. Yeah, young cashiers and cash are not often a good combination. The dairy (farm) we shop at, and the local soft serve place prefer cash. It’s funny to see the owners teaching the teenagers how to count back change. I would only ever try to pay by phone if I left my wallet at home. I think I’ve done it once.

      Happy Easter.


  5. That David is a card fancy leaving his wallet at home … He’s lucky you are such a trusting and generous person….
    It sounded quiet at the bar today . I really like the Natalie Merchant video and of course your photos are truly amazing this week. 💜💜💜

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I’m with David–I don’t pay with my phone, either. Honestly, I wouldn’t have the vaguest idea how to do it. I am strictly a credit card kinda gal. Except for food shopping–I stick to my cash only budget, so scouring for self-serve checkouts that cash is becoming tricky.
    Did Smokey fit through that fence? He looks rather…healthy.
    Happy Easter, Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love the generosity theme, Dan. I’m glad the “Easter bunny” is still hanging out at your place. I remember that song, but I’ve never seen that very intriguing video. It reminds me of some of the videos from the Eurhythmics. Have a relaxing weekend. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I know an author who published a book entitled, “Doodle Art.” :) Doodling is highly underrated. Great photos today. Love the hawk. I will be keeping an eye on the writing challenge. Might just have to jump in. Happy Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jan. This is an easy writing challenge. Three weeks to choose a door and a month to write. It scares me, but I fear short storied. I hope you can join us.

      A book of doodle art? Sounds intriguing.


  9. Doodling is great. For some, it is the only way for them to concentrate when others are speaking. Lovely shots. I wish I could capture a hawk!
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I have to say that after all of these years following your blog, I still can’t get enough pics of the black squirrel. I’ve said it before and will say it again…..I’ve seen a lot of squirrels up close and personal in the many places we have lived, but never have had the pleasure of meeting a black squirrel! Thanks again for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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