The Little Things – CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is focused on little things. Specifically:

“This week our topic is Anything Small. You can find nature most anywhere. Be creative and have fun with this challenge.”

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  1. Little things! What a great theme — and one you are practiced at. The butterfly is gorgeous, but the most touching is the portrait of Reese’s Pieces on the keyboard. Brings a tear to the eye.

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    • That was from when I was participating in a photo-a-day challenge for a year. I hadn’t taken any yet one day, and that was my solution.

      No butterflies here yet, but we’re starting to see bees.


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  2. This is a wonderful collection of ‘little things’ Dan. The hardworking bee, the sweet baby bird in the birdhouse. Love the little libraries and Chippy peeking out of his woodpile. The Field of Flags is just awesome.

    But you know my favorite is that raindrop capturing Maddie’s image!

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  3. What a great and varied gallery today, Dan! The chipmunk is pretty cute (as it’s not currently destroying anything) and the M&M’s made me smile too. Welcome to another week. How are they going by so quickly???

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    • I have no idea how they’re moving so fast, Janet. It will be May before we know it. Thanks! The chipmunk has a million holes in our yard, but hasn’t done any real damage.


  4. Dan, those Reese’s Pieces on the keyboard…I remember when they first came on the market. They were “revolutionary” at that time relative to the beloved Reese’s Cups. A big swing at a whole new product line. Now, there are about three thousand ways to enjoy a Reese’s taste. Mini-cupcakes are an acceptable part of my diet because they are smaller…except when I eat so many it actually winds up being more than if I just had a couple of standard size cupcakes lol.

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    • Everything good now comes in 100 varieties, Bruce. We used to wait all year for peanut butter eggs. Now they have pumpkins, ghosts, bats, Christmas trees, hearts, footballs and who know what else. I’m in the same boat with mini cupcakes 😏

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  5. Hi Dan – insatiable ‘mouth demanders’!!! Glad a few mozzies were guzzled up! I love the ‘defect’ – interesting to see you included it in your Little Things post … all fun to see – and Maddie being remembered. Cheers Hilary

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  6. So many sweet little things; loved the baby bird! We have had the painted rock craze here for the last 5-6 years and it will pick up again with nicer weather. The Field of Flags is impressive. We have had it in Memorial Park by my house a few times and I wrote about it once. The local Lions Club puts out 50 flags each year at this park for the ceremonial laying of the wreaths, but they are generic flags with no name/rank/serial number attached, but it still looks impressive.


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