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Welcome to Thursday Doors! This is a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos, drawings, or other images or stories from around the world. If you’d like to join us, simply create your own Thursday Doors post each (or any) week and then share a link to your post in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time). If you like, you can add our badge to your post.

Today’s gallery contains doors gathered while I was running errands this past week. There’s nothing special about them, but that’s OK. I wanted to have some time to remind people about the Third Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge.

We are still gathering door photos that will serve as inspiration. We have over 25 doors so far, but there is no limit. What might inspire one writer, might not inspire another. It’s easy to submit a door, simply send it, or a link to it, to nofacilities at gmail dot com

As for the writers out there, you can look at the doors we’ve collected so far on the TDWC page. The way the challenge works is simple. Find a door that inspires you to write something – anything will do. Write it and post it on your blog. Leave a link to your post in a comment on the TDWC page.

Note: If you want to join the writing challenge, but don’t have a blog, send your entry to the same email address listed above (the NoFacilities one). I’ll post your story on this (my) blog under your name. Please be sure to include your information in the email.

You can start writing whenever you like. You can post your entry whenever you like, but the challenge begins on May 1st. During the challenge, I will create and maintain the table of entries on the TDWC page, and I will promote the published entries as best I can. At a minimum, I will summarize the challenge activity each Thursday during May and in each Thursday Doors Recap. I will also summarize the challenge after it ends on May 31st.

I hope you enjoy the doors I’ve gathered for today. I also hope you will visit some of the other participants. Their links can be found in pingbacks and comments below.

If you are in a hurry and don’t wish to scroll through the comments, click to Jump to the comment form.

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  1. Splendid doors, Dan. I am always amazed at how often doors feature in my writing. I will definitely join in the challenge. I don’t have many doors at the moment as we never travelled at the end of last year. I hope to get some new ones while I’m in Cape Town in early May and in St Lucia in July.

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  2. I like your photos today and I am excited to read about the annual Thursday Doors writing challenge – I do have a doors photo to submit and will try and get it to you soon – it is one that ha d a few boards acorss the entrance and I took it for Thursday doors not thinking of the writing challenge – but now that you mentioned it – perhaps that image could be a good sory starter (or not) but it is so good to have options (as you noted)

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  3. These are some great old homes, and I agree that the yellow house with the sun blasting through those new leaves is a great portrait of spring. Needless to say, I am partial to any building that says “Bakery.” Thanks for taking us along on your errands!

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  4. Hello Dan,
    Your photo essay of your travels is spectacular! I enjoyed them all. The sheen on the first photo (also the third) looks like a space movie scene with the red sunlight washing the modern buildings.
    The white building (porch turned front room) with the green door has a rather medieval roof style. I like it!
    Great effect of the sun beam on the last photo! Wow.
    Thank you.

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  5. I enjoyed your gallery, especially the warm light in the first photo, the mural, and that office building.

    My post is fresh from last week in Slovenia. For today’s poem we had to imagine what the future would say about us and our ways. I recently had the same thought as I crossed a certain bridge. Have a look:

    As for the writing challenge, I noticed that you have included both my last week’s photos. I think there is no need for both to be among the offered doors as they are quite similar. Please, choose the one you prefer, and if you agree, replace the other with today’s green door. You’ll know which. I love the collection gathered already! Plenty of choice and character.

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  6. Dan, the first photo is spectacular with the sunlight giving the buildings a bronze cast….but those birds take the prize!

    I love the turrets and dormers, arched windows and doorways. I like the arched windows and the porch on the home where they introduced multi-colored vinyl at the gable ends, but I don’t like that feature at all. Looks so out of place to me.

    Sorry to see so many closed businesses. Same thing here. Same thing everywhere!

    The blast of sunlight on that sunny yellow house is perfect.


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    • I’m glad I included that sunshine house, Ginger. It just screams spring. I know what you mean about the multicolored gables. The house is interesting, but I’m not sure I’d like it. I sure wouldn’t want to paint that porch, but I’d like to sit on it on a cool evening.

      The birds were all over the place that morning at the river. The area in Hartford where most of these photos were taken rises and falls. By this time next year, someone else will be trying to make their fortune in one of those buildings.

      I hope you have a great weekend.


  7. That first photo is so pretty–what a way to open a gallery! And that blast of color in your last photo–fabulous, Dan! You know, I think I could happily live in a turret. I’ve no idea what they are like inside, but they look beautiful.

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  8. I love the turret homes, especially the first one. So much character!
    And the doors on the writing challenge page are really growing. Several of them are caling my name, but I no I won’t have the time. Still….I love looking!

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  9. The sunrise over Hartford that morning was gorgeous.
    I have always like the Victorian turrets and dormers and big porches. You’ve got a lovely collection of doors and buildings in this post. The eyebrow window was a nice bonus. 😃
    I hope you all have a lovely week-end!

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  10. I love these Dan. So many amazing houses and porches! Boy you guys love your porches haha. I really like the smaller house, almost cottage looking that once had a porch but could now be a bedroom. I’m still working in my doors as we were out enjoying the sun all day yesterday (it’s a rare thing in Ireland).

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  11. Hi Dan – well I admire you for setting out this challenge … I must look in on some of the entrants. I’d rather live in an interesting building … not a square box … my father had an interim house at one stage ‘he called it the biscuit box’ – it was! These are a great selection – the one with the red cross box flummoxed me for a while … but always interesting – cheers Hilary

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