Big Things Here

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week (the week ending today) has been Anything Large. As she said at her place:

“This week our topic is Anything Large. You can find nature most anywhere. Be creative and have fun with this challenge.”

I’m going to poke around the archive for some big things.

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  1. Awesome photos! I especially loved the steam engine and the pancakes (of course). My keyboard had to duck for cover, though, when I got to the one about the Borg — thank goodness I’d just swallowed my coffee! Thinking BIG is a good way to start the week. Thanks!

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  2. The rainbow in the London Eye photo is beautiful. That bunny is ginormous! Trains, planes and pancakes the size of tires on an 18-wheeler…..what’s not to like? Love the New England home.

    And Old Glory in the extra large size. She wears it well!

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    • Thanks Ginger. I was thrilled to even be at a hotel across from the London Eye. When the rainbow appeared, I was amazed. We have a big bunny in the yard right now. She’s big enough to trip the outdoor motion-sensor lights. I hope you’re off to a great week.


  3. You had me at pancakes. That is my kinda cake! I love the quietness of the Bulkeley Bridge–such a pretty photo, but then the substation–so much to look at! Good ‘bigs’ Dan!

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  4. Those cranes and their operators – not for the faint of heart. I was traveling through Georgia years ago and we stopped in a diner and they served their pancakes, which were huge, on platters which were actually clean metal garbage can lids to demonstrate just how huge they were.

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