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Once again, in an effort to offset the fact that this is my fifth post in a row and there will be one more tomorrow, I’ll keep this short. That goal is made easier by the fact that a detailed description would be unwelcome, and pictures were not taken, and would not be shared.

“If at the end of your shower, you’re standing in water that covers your feet, you’re about to have a bad day.”

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Contrary to the title, the gallery does have some signs of spring.

AND: Speaking of links to follow, if you want to know why I was late yesterday – follow this one to the Aqua Room.

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  1. Oh dear, and I suppose the underlying colour of the water sloshing around your feet after your shower might mean the difference between a reasonably simple hair-ball-blocked shower outlet and a fully-backed-up effluent drainage system… That would have to come under the title ‘How to make a bad day even worse’… :-(

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  2. Wow, I’m jealous of the gorgeous flowers in your town.
    Today was the first day I felt warm outside and did a couple hours of gardening. But I think spring is actually here. I have a large pink flower tree in front of my house. The blooms don’t last for too long. In fact, half of them have fallen on the ground.

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    • If I remember Oregon, you’ll soon be surrounded by color. Spring comes in bursts here, and for some, the blossoms don’t last long (so I’ll be posting them as I can). I can’t wait to see what you do with your garden, Miriam. I remember a post where you showed the yard.

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      • I know, Dan. Oregon is completely from spring to fall. I’m okay if I can get through winter. I’m sitting in front of the living room window looking out to the front yard. I’ve planted one rhododendron, two azaleas, some Daylily bulbs, and some annuals. There’s still room for more. This is my morning spot, so I’ll invest my energy to make my mornings cheerful.

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  3. There are few nasty moments in life that can’t be improved by a bit of sarcasm, though I have to admit it took me two readings to get it. (Not enough coffee.) That would be a bad day indeed. But, oh, those trees and lilacs! They do lift us out of the ordinary, don’t they?

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  4. Jeez Louise Dan, I never saw you in my bathroom last year when I was standing in my shower with “water” up to my ankles! We are on a septic system. Need I say more? Ewwwww!

    Your gallery is exploding with spring. Love it. Frost again last night. Currently 20 degrees! Sigh….

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    • Sorry I couldn’t be there, Ginger. We are on city sewers, but I had to work a snake in pretty far to clear this one.

      Spring is on a rampage here, and I’m liking it. I was in the mid-30s when I walked today, but the trees, flowers and critters don’t seem to care.

      Hang in there.


    • I’m pretty sure he knows that the more pathetic he looks, the more likely he’ll get a pile of peanuts. We put them on the porch. He would jump down and get one and jump up to one of the posts to eat it. Everything is bursting with color these days. It won’t last, but it’s wonderful.

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  5. All the photos are great, Dan, but I’m so impressed by the one of Smokey. That’s quite the capture! Spring has officially arrived in our area too, and it’s beautiful. The only downside is that the winds keep the pollen moving, and we’ve very high allergy alerts. Have a wonderful day!

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    • Thanks Gwen. Smokey is quite photogenic. He talked us into giving him a nice supply of peanuts so he didn’t have to get soaked foraging in the yard. He knows how to work that look ;-)

      Sorry about the high pollen danger. That would keep my wife inside.


  6. Your flowering trees are beautiful! I love your signs of spring. Thank you for a great Dan the Tool Man visit yesterday. I hope your readers enjoy seeing you in action in the Aqua Room. 🙂

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  7. You must have been at my house last month. In the shower when I hear this gurgling noise, water up to my ankles, sucked out of the commode. Of all the tools my husband has–no snake! We wound up changing out faucets, too, so not a cheap fix. But we do have a wonderful new plumber.
    Your apple blossoms and lilacs are so pretty. Poor little Smokey. When are you going to put a ‘squirrel door’ for him on your front porch? 😆

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    • That wasn’t my fault. My first attempt to fix this turned a slow-draining tub into a solidly clogged tub and sink(s).

      Poor little Smokey is working that poor poor pitiful me look to the max. He knows it gets him a pile of peanuts. I should include a picture of the shells he leave behind.

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    • Thanks Mae. I used to joke that if our dog Maddie started a blog, she’d have more visitors than me. I’m not giving up Smokey ;-)

      Visiting Jennie’s classroom was so much fun. I was nervous at first, but that room is full of love.

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    • It was a little worse, Frank. The drain was clogged, but no where near the tub. The clog was about 15′ away. Fortunately there was a clean-out plug close enough to get a snake in. We’re good now.

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  8. Ugh, the dreaded feet under water while in the shower!! I hope it was an easy fix and a snake wasn’t required.

    The flowers, and flowering trees are gorgeous and so cheerful wearing their finest pinks in all shades!
    I saw Jennie’s post earlier. How wonderful and fun for the children to see and play with all your cool tools! I’m sure they had a blast…Bob the Builder. 😂🤣

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    • Unfortunately, this clog did require the snake. It took a while to chase down how far away the clog was, but I got it, and it’s flowing nicely now.

      It’s so much fun to walk around the neighborhood right now. IT won’t last long, but I’m enjoying it.

      Thanks for commenting at Jennie’s place. I had a great day!

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  9. We’ve dipped into the 30’s the last few nights as well, Dan. However, Mother Nature fired up Spring and nothing is going to stop it now. Our lilac bush is still just a little behind, but I will attribute that to the fact I have not trimmed it back much and it probably could now try to qualify as its own country lol. Great visit with Jennie’s class!

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    • Thanks Bruce. I have let more than a few bushes get into that state. I’ve been cutting back two out-of-control forsythia bushes for three years. This is the first year they look like normal plants.

      Visiting Jennie’s class was so much fun.

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    • It wasn’t easy, but it was straight forward. My choice was to wiggle around and clear the clog myself, or move everything out of the way and call a plumber. Doing it myself saved a lot of time.

      Everything around here says SPRING and the critters are all happy. The robins are always stars when they show up.

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  10. I like the flowering trees – they are my favorite part of Spring. Smokey is a permanent fixture on the porch. :) Your lilacs are ahead of ours here in SE Michigan. I lost my lilac tree, a fixture in the backyard since the late 60s, when a branch fell onto an electric wire and it fell onto my neighbor behind’s garage. The arcing wire then burned a stockade fence and burned my lilac tree and all the bushes in my back garden. This happened December 2nd. I have been breaking off twigs, hoping to see green, but no luck – everything is more than scorched – all dead. That lilac tree was gorgeous.

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      • Thank you Dan. I will have to remove it and the other bushes, but will need help to do that as the rest of the garden’s bushes were planted in 1985 and the roots are deep. The fire was 25 feet from my house and I was asleep when it happened (11:35 p.m.). What was terrifying to me is last year I got an instant-on generator. I bit the bullet for that expense due to the erratic weather and I have no family, no friends nearby and worried where I’d stay in Winter and worried about frozen pipes. (Good thing I got it as we lost power three whole days after a 02/22/23 ice storm.) Anyway, the generator had some manufacturer’s defects and I had techs out 4-5 times from August to December 2nd as it leaked oil and/or overheated when it did its “exercise self-tests”. It was windy that night, the power line fell onto the chain-link fence and made a booming noise as it arced. The generator came on right behind where I slept … I heard the noise from the arcing power line and thought the generator was malfunctioning – the noise was incredibly scary. I was afraid it was a natural gas explosion or the like … I’m sure I lost five years off my life that night. I got dressed to run outside and neighbors were at my front door banging to alert me to get out as the house behind was on fire. Still half-asleep, I looked at the fire and still thought it was the generator that was the cause. I’m not happy about my garden, but feel lucky there was no damage to the house, or me. My house was cordoned off until 2:00 a.m. and the smoke smell was heavy … I had no power as the generator failed while I was outside. My sensor lights went off. They figured out the problem. A tiny toggle switch was not fastened correctly – sigh.

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        • That had to be terrifying. There aren’t any power lines around our back yard, but our fence is connected to four others.

          I’m glad they figured out the problem, but to pay the price to have a generator installed, only for it to fail when you need it, stinks. I’m glad you were safe.

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