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Yesterday was my first day this week not blogging, and that’s a subject of discussion at the bar. We’re here for a well-deserved rest and to get in out of the rain that will be with us for the next seven or eight days. While we’re here, we’re going to deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘yes.’ Find a word that starts with ‘yes’ or use the word ‘yes’ as is. Bonus points if you start your post with the word you choose. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be confused when you arrived.

“Yesterday, David.”

“Hi Cheryl. What do you mean? Yesterday, what?”

“Yesterday. Dan was here with Gary for lunch. You missed him.”

“Is he not coming in today?”

“Yes, I’m coming in today. I can come in two days in a row, can’t I?”

“Anything’s possible, Dan. I mean you blogged twenty-five days in a row.”


“Six what?”

“I blogged six days in a row, David.”

“Oh. I guess it only seemed like twenty-five.”


“So, what brought you in yesterday? You don’t usually come in on a Friday?

“Gary was golfing on Tuesday.”

“I took the liberty of bringing you your usual drinks. A John Howell’s bourbon for David and a cold Modelo for Dan. Is that OK, guys?”

“That’s OK, Cheryl, as long as the rest of my drink is coming.”

“I’ll be right back with the seltzer, the ice and a few cherries, David.”

“While you’re at it, can you explain why Dan was here yesterday?”

“Sure, ‘cuz Gary was golfing on Tuesday.”

“Dan, what does Gary golfing on Tuesday have to do with you coming to the bar on Friday?”

“Well, I was in Massachusetts on Tuesday.”

“Yes, yes, I know. You met Jennie and her students. I have to say, I’m a little jealous. But I still don’t see how this factors in.”

“I called Gary on my way home, to see if he wanted to join me for a beer, but…”

“He was golfing. I get it. Still, how does that turn into lunch yesterday?”

“He didn’t answer on Tuesday, and he didn’t check his voicemail until yesterday.”

“So, when he checked, he thought you wanted him to meet you for a beer, yesterday.”

“Yes. Exactly.”

“Why didn’t you explain what happened?”

“’Cuz I didn’t answer my phone. He left me voicemail that said, ‘That sounds great, I’ll see you there around noon. Maybe we can have lunch.’ It was already quarter of, so…”

“What’d you have?”

“A Wisconsin burger.”

“Lemmie guess, made with cheddar cheese.”

“Yes, and lettuce, tomato, mayo, barbeque sauce and served on toasted sourdough bread. I added pickles and onions.”

“Geeze Louise, that sounds delicious.”

“It was.”

“And it had the added bonus of keeping you from blogging again.”

“Well, only some people consider that a bonus, David.”

“Should I call for a show of hands, Dan?”

“No. I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“I thought I might trick you. All your answers have been ‘Yes’ up ‘til now.”

“I do listen to you when you’re talking.”

“Then listen closely. What say we get a couple of those Wisconsin burgers and another round of drinks? Can you handle burgers two days in a row?”


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  1. Good morning Dan I loved to see and read about your visit to Jennie and her class it was great I bet you enjoyed it!
    Two burgers in two days …..well as my mum would of said “God bless your tummy!”
    Those f photos are absolutely glorious this week even the wet ones.
    Have a good week and I hope the weather is not too bad .💜

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  2. As though it wasn’t hard enough seeing that beautiful sourdough burger, you had to add the pickle! Good pickles make life go. What a great portrait of life as it should be! The entire dialogue today had me missing the Marx Brothers. The photo of the Beauty of Moscow is wonderful; those are serious buds and they surely promise some gorgeous photos to come! Of course I also loved the photo of the railroad trestle through the spring rain; I always stop at that for a little while.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This restaurant hasn’t had pickles since 2020! I’m not sure why, but the pickles they like weren’t available. When the bartender told us they were back, we each added them on the side, so we could savor them. There is something special about a good pickle. I think of you when I pass the trestle. Those trees are slow to fill out. Maybe I’ll be able to see it all summer. I hope you have a great weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. YES! You aced the prompt!

    Sand Cherry bushes and lilacs are stunning, and the Beauty of Moscow Lilac is a beauty already.

    I’m so glad you and the Editor had the foresight to install “squirrel seats” on the deck posts! Lol!

    Particularly love this photo of the trestle bridge.

    Lunch looks absolutely mouthwatering!

    And Old Glory looks magnificent in the spotlight!

    Have a lazy, carefree weekend Dan, and stay dry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. Smokey also appreciates that the porch roof extends over the posts for the railing. Keep those peanuts dry.

      The trestle is looking good. I need to ride my bike or walk up the path and get a picture from the other side.

      The flag has looked good all week, but this was the first day it wasn’t being blown all over the place. I thought it looked good at rest.

      If you’re getting our rain, I hope you can stay dry and relax.


  4. A Wisconsin burger? Hmmm…replace the sourdough with a regular bun and BBQ sauce with ketchup, and that would be more akin to the state. Then again, too many places are adding fried egg and other “gourmet” ingredients to their burgers that I’m not sure what a WI burger is anymore. I like fried onions and sautéed mushrooms on mine. Mayo or mustard.

    Anyhow, I applaud your blogging consistency. I would have been posting today except yesterday was all about helping a friend with yard work, trying a new Mexican restaurant, tequila old fashioned, a nighttime walk, and collapsing on the couch. Fun day!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Dan, and I will be around on Monday fir the first day of the door writing challenge.

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    • Thanks Mary. I love fried onions, but they make the burger slippery. With the BBQ sauce and the mayo, I’m lucky I didn’t wear most of this one home. I also like sautéed mushrooms , but those are only available on a different burger. I wish they had a “make your own” and not worry about the chef’s ego.

      I look forward to having you join the challenge. I always enjoy your writing. Still, after a day of yard work I’d be more ready for Mexican food than my keyboard. We have a group in town who have been opening a Mexican restaurant “soon” since October. I could have driven to Mexico and back.

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  5. Guess I have to put you in my list of what not to read while drinking coffee (for laughing) Love the pine bough cones best of course. Takes me to my favorite hangout ❤️

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  6. Oh, gosh but David was in rare from today. Or maybe it’s just regular form for him, but I got a special kick out of the dialogue today.
    Your Beauty of Moscow lilacs are really beautiful. They remind me of our crepe myrtle–but still…I wish we had lilacs. Even the name is pretty.
    I read Jennie’s post about your visit to her classroom. That looked like such a good time. Have a great weekend, Dan.

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  7. That really was a busy week, Dan, and you deserve to take it easy. I really enjoyed your visit with Jennie and her class. I almost miss those week-long stretches of rainy days. It’s been about two month since we’ve had more than a sprinkle — and that only a couple of times.
    The gallery is splendid. I particularly love the train trestle photo. Hugs.


  8. As I sit here listening to the rain hitting my window panes, I can hear the wind. It’s cold and miserable but my day is brightened by the beautiful flowers you’re showing me. Mother Nature is such a tease!

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  9. That burger does sound delicious! I’m doing protein shakes for lunch for awhile…need to drop those winter pounds! 😀
    The trees have really leafed out over there. We’re in the flowering stage on the trees, and I see gardens with Daffodils in bloom here. We’re having a warm spell this week-end with a high of 78 degrees and Monday it gets cool again dropping to the low 50’s on Tuesday with rain. That scuttled our plans to put out the cushions. Maybe the week after that we will?

    I hope your week-end is going well!

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  10. Being from Wisconsin, I’m not sure we call those burgers Wisconsin burgers. They’re more like a California burger with cheddar cheese and barbeque sauce. We have fans in WI that like fried cheese curds and onion rings piled on our big burgers. Go big or go home I guess. Washed down with fries and Leinie’s. 🤣🤣🤣
    Even if you’re having a lot of rain, it’s so nice to see the signs you see – the lilacs blooming is a good indication spring is officially here!
    I hope you have a great week, Dan!

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