The Wheels on the Bus…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is: Wheels.

“This week our topic is Wheels: Cars, Water Wheels, Spinning Wheels, wheel chairs, etc. Be creative and have fun with this challenge.”

You should take a few minutes to follow the link (above) to Cee’s page. She has some delightful wheels on her page and there are links to many others.

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  1. Great photos Dan, I especially like the bike and it’s shadow wheels, I see you have to change wheels in rain like we do too! I also love both sets of the huge orangey cog and cable wheels. Happy May! 💜💜

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      • I bet it was I have been on a funicular, in Italy, Canada and here in the U.K. too but l have never been in the powerhouse of any!
        Yes tyres and weather seem to have done a deal ….either pouring rain sweltering heat! 💜

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  2. Hi Dan – those are great selections … amazingly large wheels (for us in this little island – well maybe only me!). We have huge machines on the beach – positioning more shingle – against the sea invading the town – nothing like the Victorians thinking they could control the sea – so far so good. Huge tunnelling machines too – which we see on screens … not near here thankfully. Tyres – oh changing those … I used to do that – not any more! Good for Faith … cheers Hilary

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    • Changing tires is something one should know how to do. Finding a way to avoid doing it is also a good skill to have. I would have put the London Eye in here, but I used it last week for large things. I should have looked ahead. I hope you have a great week.

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  3. Smokey was just looking for a fun ride! That’s an impressive Ferris wheel.

    I love the pic of your bike and its shadow. If you look at the shadow of the back of the bike, it looks like there’s a duck sitting on it!

    Great selection of wheels Dan, but the donut wins hands down!

    Hope you don’t have to change a tire during the coming week of rain like Faith did!


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    • Oh my goodness, Ginger, it DOES look like a duck! That’s so funny.

      I’m going to go out and enjoy what might be the only dry day this week. Time for a walk. Faith agreed that she needed to learn how to change a tire. I think she also agreed that AAA is a good investment.

      I hope Smokey never figures out how to start that thing.

      Have a good week dodging the rain drops.


  4. I agree with all who say this is a great assortment of wheels. I completely understand the doughnut because we all know that doughnuts help the world go ’round. I enjoyed looking at all these tributes to roundness, but I think my favorite is the merry-go-round. Even those that were powered by our own legs were great fun. Nothing like going in circles to prepare us for life! Your close-ups of cogs and such are a lesson in the unseen. Not to mention ingenuity. Thanks for showing us! (And kudos to Ginger for her sharp eye!)

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    • I love it when they let us peek behind the scenes and see how the machinery works. Those gears on the incline are amazing. The company didn’t own enough property to build the mechanism in line with the track – the cables have to make a 90-degree turn. It’s fascinating to see how they did that.

      I remember the self-powered merry-go-rounds. One in a park near my grandmother was often powered by my much older cousin. Oh my goodness, we all thought we’d go flying.

      Kudos indeed to Ginger on spotting that duck. I think it’s time for a donut.

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  5. Nice wheels, Dan! I especially like the bicycle and donut. Bicycling off calories in order to eat that donut sounds like a plan when the weather is nice. It’s snowing here today, if you can believe that. April Fools on May 1st. No bike riding until at least Wednesday, so today is a good day to hang out and get caught up on the blogosphere. Have a wonderful Monday!

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  6. What a fun response to the prompt, Dan. Sorry about the flat though.
    Several unexpected wheels and all fun (well except the flat tire of course). I like that you included the wheel-like mechanical parts — and the doughnut. That made me smile. Hugs.

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  7. Oh Dan, I really like all your photos for this week. The masonry cutter is cool and I like the tobacco too. Although the tobacco I thought was marijuana. Guess you can tell I don’t smoke anything at all. LOL :D :D

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  8. Dan, that shot of your daughter having the “opportunity” to change that tire in the rain reminded me of my first “opportunity.” While there was no rain, it was on the side of the road of a very busy four-lane highway. I would be remiss if I too didn’t acknowledge the presence of the donut. A very tasty-looking “wheel.” Whether we call them jimmies or sprinkles, we can no doubt agree they are worthy accessories. The Duquesne Incline powerhouse indeed looks powerful – nice shot.

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    • Thanks Bruce. I felt bad about the rain, but at least she was in her driveway. On the side of a busy highway is a dangerous place to be. That donut is properly dressed, whatever you call them.

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  9. I worked in the tobacco sheds in Springfield, Mass. one summer to string tobacco leaves to a piece of lath for drying. I had to be very, very careful where I put my fingers when I shoved two leaves into the machine.

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    • We had acres and acres of shade tobacco around here until about 7 years ago. Now it’s an Amazon warehouse and a different trucking terminal. I didn’t grow up here. My wife did and said a lot of kids worked tobacco in the summer. I don’t imagine any of it was easy work. I knew the leaves were sewn together, and I’ve seen them hanging two levels high in the barns. I guess I never thought about how they were sewn.

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  10. You have quite the collection here Dan – that’s clever to use the round donut which does look like a wheel. Smokey had no interest in a donut – he was munching and crunching peanuts.

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      • I used to take baby pumpkins and small apples to the Park for my squirrels in the Fall, but I worry about the hawks swooping down and grabbing one of my furry friends, so I had to stop. They’d pause and eat those treats, standing in one spot too long, making them sitting targets.

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          • Yes, I try to feed them in a safe place, but they still waylay me, but like you say they take them higher. At the Park this morning, someone had laid apples all along the shoreline … only a few bites out of them as they always eat the peanuts first.

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