Get Caught Reading Month & #ThursdayDoors Writing Challenge — Story-1

Teagan R. Geneviene contributed the first set of inspirational doors to this year’s Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. I thanked her and I mentioned that I might like to build a story around her first door. She suggested that we could collaborate on a story. She asked me some questions, so the important elements of the story would have input from both of us. Then she began writing. Then she asked me to continue from the point she left off. Then she finished the story.

We had done this before, but not to this extent. When I was in the very early stages of writing my books, Teagan helped me get used to writing something “unbloglike” by conducting a series of writing exercises with/for me. I appreciated those exercises, and I appreciate her inviting me to work with her on this story. I think it turned out well. I know many of you read both our blogs, and you’ve already seen this, but I wanted to share the story.

Note: I will be losing electricity for a while this morning as crews complete some upgrades to our local grid. Feel free to comment at Teagan’s place.

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, May 1, 2023

Image collage by TeaganImage collage by Teagan

Welcome everyone. It’s Get Caught Reading Month, which is all about reading books and raising awareness regarding the advantages of indulging in literature. Get Caught Reading is year-round for children, but during the month of May it encourages people of all ages to read.

As many of you know, May is also the month for Dan Antion’sThursday Doors Writing Challenge So I hope you get caught reading some of the wonderful stories that are being written in response to that challenge.  Also, since it’s Wednesday, I’m including a bit about writing. 

Thursday Doors followers were asked to submit “doors” images to inspire writers, and I sent a few. (I’m also flattered to say that blogger, Mary J. wrote an amazing sonnet for one of my images. See that image and read it here. It’s a completely different…

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  1. Hi Dan, This process of writing a story with Teagen sounds interesting.
    I finally had some pictures of doors from Morocco which I thought I’d share. However, this month seems to be for the writing challenge and not sharing of door pics. So, I guess I’ll just share it on my blog.

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  2. Hi, Dan. I hope everything goes well today.
    Thanks for reblogging to your readers — and for this great preface. The Thursday Doors Writing Challenge is terrific and I look forward to working more with it. Actually, I used one of Brenda’s doors (Thoughts of a Wanderer) as part of my blog serial for this weekend.

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  3. This was wonderful Teagan and Dan–I saved it to read tonight when I knew I could read it all at one sitting. I am so glad I did.
    Teagan–I had absolutely no idea how much work goes into the entire writing process–and all that is involved with the characters. Wow.
    You both did so well picking up the story line and keeping it exciting. The barmaid must have snuck into the bar on Saturday mornings and heard David’s sarcasm–she was great!
    A fun read, a good read. Congratulations to you both on a job well done!

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    • Haha! Lois, it gave me a grin to have someone mention the barmaid.
      Yes, it can be a lot of work and thought. Although it’s not that much effort for everyone — many writers “just do it.” However, I get caught up in the research, and imagining the details of the characters, even backstories that no one ever sees. That’s just my process — it isn’t for everyone. Your mindful comments really meant a lot to me. Hugs.

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