Ugh, No, That’s Wrong

Yesterday, we were expecting an appliance repairman. I received a text message saying he was on his way and a link in case I wanted to track him. At first, I decided just to wait. After ten minutes, I took a look at that link they sent me.I saw the image shown below. Over forty years of systems development and a sometimes annoying attention to detail left me with one thought.

The truck is going sideways – rotate the icon!

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  1. Dan, it is a beautiful day in your neighborhood. :-) Years ago, there was a repairman in the rolodex for every appliance including the TV. Today, an appliance repairman is almost an extinct resource, and I’ve had the not so wonderful experience of finding that repairs sometimes amount to 2/3 the price of a new appliance. We’re to the point that if we can do it ourselves we do, otherwise we balance out how the appliance is against what a new one costs. The TV for sure goes to recycling. :-)

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  2. Hope the repairman made it, sideways or not! I love MiMi waiting at the door for him. Perhaps hoping to collect a toll!

    Your flowers are just beautiful. I laughed out loud at the photo of the lilacs with the squirrel photobombing it!

    I’m glad you bent down to catch those dandelions. It’s a great picture!

    Enjoy the rest of the week and the warm temperatures.


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    • Thanks Ginger. MiMi didn’t seem to like having the repairman in the house. I guess we should have asked for her approval, first. He did arrive, but will have to return with parts that are on order.

      That little squirrel did seem to be saying that he should be in the picture.

      I am glad the dandelion photo turned out as well as it did. Getting low enough to get those photos is an effort.

      I hope yo have a great rest of the week.


  3. Love the rabbits, Dan. I used to have a pet lop-eared blue. If he didn’t get his carrot at 7pm, he’d go and hide for a day or two!
    I understand your feelings on the flag.

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    • I love it when animals put us on a schedule :-) This one has been eating in the driveway when I return from my walk, and I have to go in the front door so as not to bother him. He gives me a look.

      I’ve been avoiding the half staff photos. I was hoping we would get through May with the only one being the ceremonial lowering before Memorial Day.

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  4. LOL! I agree turn the icon! 😂 The flowers and puddles are lovely, and the backlit fairy puffs…aka dandelion weeds look beautiful. I’d most likely pull one and make a wish. 🧚‍♀️

    I hope the repairman wasn’t sideways they arrived and you able to get the appliance repaired.

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  5. {Snicker}{ ‘Rotate the icon’! Now THAT cracked me up. Hope he did in fact show up and fixed the problem. It’s the little things that make me more than slightly suspicious of this race to embrace AI. Umm, no thanks…I still can’t get Siri to give me a straight answer. Sometimes technology just makes me crazy. 🤪

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  6. I think yu might be the only one bothered by that icon, Dan. (I’m just saying). Looks like spring is well underway. That rhododendron shot is terrific and the dandelion shot amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Such great photos, Dan. I love that everything is blooming. I hopped over and read some of the door stories. Great stuff!!! Still on the fence and trying to decide if I can find the time to crank out something. :)

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  8. Dan, spring has sprung on the east coast. Lovely flowering photos and cute critters. Don’t get me started on repairmen. At least I can call the company to inquire if any delays. The squeaky wheel gets attention. Enjoy the beautiful weather. 📚🎶 Christine

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  9. Your lilacs, especially, are so pretty. Your lily of the valley is beautiful. I have a lily of the valley shrub in my backyard but I don’t know what happened to it. It started turning brown so I finally cut it down to the ground. I hope it comes back.
    I am sorry for the holes in your cover, but the squirrels peeking out are the cutest things! At least you provide a very pretty yard for them. 😁

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    • I love our yard when the lilacs are blooming, Lois. The squirrels are liking those log racks now that the neighbor took down several trees. I moved the lilies of the valley from a flower bed in the front when we added a paver boarder. I didn’t expect them to do very well. They have spread to the point of taking over.

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  10. That one-liner is so you! Love it. Thank you for showing my favorite tree in your photo gallery. The leaves are bursting. Always sad when a flag flies at half mast.


  11. Beautiful flowers, Dan. You comment would be something I’d think of or say, so naturally I think it’s just perfect. :-) Sorry I’m running late. You’re probably almost ready for Thursday’s post!


  12. Ugh. I hate waiting for repairmen.
    Lovely blooms and now I wish I was at my old house where I had Lily of the valley. Our lilacs are finally starting!


  13. They could also make their icon something other than a truck, something directionally ? neutral. I love the lighting on the rhododendrons and the dandelions ready for wishes.


  14. I agree – make the icon and its travels more believable! Smokey will be putting on pounds, er … ounces with two benefactors. These days I see more bunnies in the neighborhood than at the Park.

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  15. That Beauty of Moscow takes all prizes! I like how you are training your rabbits to edge your lawn — brilliant! To me, the entire concept of tracking a repairman is pure hocus-pocus, let alone thinking his icon is cattywampus! Some beautiful shots here of why we love spring.

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