Since I’ve been throwing a lot of words at you this month, I’m going to skip the lengthy (you know I can make anything lengthy) backstory to this post. I’ve been in my car a lot lately, and I enjoy using Apple CarPlay to respond to text messages hands-free. CarPlay reads a text I receive and I speak my response. Only sometimes, that response gets tangled up in something. When that happens, I hear:

“On it – Still working – Something went wrong”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, and would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

I’m adding this reminder to all my posts this month. The Thursday Doors Writing Challenge (TDWC) is underway. Visit this page – Pick a door that inspires you – Write something, anything – Post it to your blog – Leave a link to your post in a comment on the TDWC page. If you don’t feel like writing, visit the page and see the wonderful things that have been written.


  1. The Apple car play sounds handy but still a tad risky …as to the contents of the texts it returns? I get into enough trouble stationary and just using predictive text 💜😁

    Lovely photos too 💜

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  2. The one about the glamour shot was an LOL for me. Dangerous with breakfast, as you know. Sad to see the Beauty of Moscow fade, but spring never lasts as long as it should. “Something went wrong” sounds like a handy motto to me!

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    • That little gray squirrel seemed to know exactly what I wanted. She also know there were peanuts in it for her trouble. Sorry about the cereal. The Beauty of Moscow blossoms last longer than most, but eventually, they, too, fade into summer.

      CarPlay always goes through the three steps. It never works, I always have to re-dictate the message or give up.

      I hope you’re having a good week.

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  3. ‘“Something went wrong”, sounds like the story of my life! Lol! Love today’s one-liner.

    Lilacs may be fading, but still gorgeous. Smokey and Sammy look well fed. 1968 Chevy Chevelle is in amazing shape. I wish I could say the same for myself!

    Nice shot of Old Glory. Never get tired of seeing her.

    Happy chilly Hump Day Dan. I think we may have to turn the dang heat on tonight. 🥴

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    • “Something went wrong” was a good one-liner for this week, as we sit, still waiting for parts for the washer repair.

      These lilacs last longer than most, but they fade into summer like everything else.

      The critters all made us smile this week, Ginger, even the pesky robin that demands a freshly drawn bath.

      Hang in there through the cold snap.


  4. The Chevy is looking good! As is the little glamour shot–so sweet.
    Your lilacs are so pretty, Dan. We have Vitex down here which looks like lilac but, sadly, is not. It’s a great beach plant but invasive. We cannot win.

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    • I expected that Chevy to pull out ahead of that truck. I’m glad he was slow off the line. It gave me a chance to get a good picture. Little Miss Samantha Squirrel knew just what I was looking for. I knew what she wanted too, a handful of peanuts.

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  5. “Still working on it.” You know how decades get names? I think that should be the name for this decade — it fits in so many ways and on so many levels. Dan, that Chevelle is a jaw-dropper. What a sight that must have been. Glad your camera was ready for that one. Hugs.

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    • That’s a good observation, and a good decade name, Teagan. I was lucky to be first in line at my light and lucky that the truck was in a bigger hurry than the Chevy.


    • Car paly does mess up on some of the translation. If I’m replying to family, I usually just let it go if I think they can figure it out. Sometimes, it’s funny. That Chevy is in great shape.

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    • It’s polite because I selected “Australian Female” for a voice. The default voice had a long delay between when it asked “What do you want to say?” and when it started recording. I either missed the window, or only got half the message transcribed.

      Sounds like Billy needs a smack upside the head.

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    • We love seeing the bunnies when the new kids are out. CarPlay is pretty cool. There’s a similar system fro Android devices, so if your car supports one, it probably supports both.

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    • Thanks Gwen. That’s always the sequence. She never gives up until all three tries. But I know it’s coming. The squirrel posing knows exactly how cute she is.


  6. Love all your photos here but those blossoms! 😱Hubby’s roommate had that same Chevelle when I first met him years ago. And it was ‘going-on’ vintage back then! We had a squirrel dart across the yard yesterday like his very golden brown tail was on fire. It was a sharp contrast to his black body fur. Show off. 🤦‍♀️

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  7. I’m not that into cars, but that blue Chevelle is pretty cool. David had a black 69 Chevelle he called, “The Monster.” Maybe I’ll share an excerpt about it from our book. It’s nice that the bird bath is low so everyone can reach it. You’re the best squirrel photographer I know. Who else would take a glam shot of a squirrel and do such a great job?


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