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Leftovers because these doors are from in and around Simsbury, Connecticut. Light because I don’t know much about them, other than I like them. I’m trying to go easy on my regular readers—who I’ve given many words to this week—and I want to highlight the participants in Thursday Doors (see links and pingback below) and the participants of the Thursday Doors Writing Challenge (TDWC).

We now have over 20 contributions to the TDWC, and I have read and enjoyed each one. If you’d like to sample some of that writing, click on over to that page (after looking at a few doors). And don’t forget, there are still 13 days to find a door that inspires you and write something to contribute.

For now, please enjoy the doors in the gallery, and the many doors you will find linked-to in the comments.

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    • I am glad you like that yellow house, Teresa. I was stopped at a very long traffic light. I didn’t want to drive around to get a better picture, but I finally moved up in the line and was able to get this one.

      I enjoyed the tour of the convent with you today. I hope you have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Damyanti. I think, for these houses, it’s the entire package that works. I’ve driven by these houses in the winter, and I haven’t been compelled to stop. The green helps. I hope you have a nice easy weekend.


  1. That maybe-Greek-revival with the blue barn in the back is jarring! But what interesting folks must live there! I spent a long time looking at that farmstead with the hill behind it; you are so right that it is quite a contrast, and a soothing one, to cramped suburbia. That yellow house through the early spring leaves is a great shot, but there is more than one house here where I wouldn’t mind being invited in for Sunday dinner. (But I’d settle for just peach cobbler on the porch.) This is a great gallery.

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    • I’m glad you liked these doors, Maureen. Sometimes, I feel like I’m intruding, but when you put a beautiful house in a nice setting, someone is going to take a picture. I doubt anyone is going to invite me to sit, but I don’t think they’d mind. The maybe Greek Revival – I don’t know if I could live there.

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  2. Hello Dan,
    Thank you for these marvelous “left overs.”
    Love the yellow houses especially the one in between the trees. An intriguing image. The trees have great character. Look like they have weathered a few storms but are still standing.
    The first Victorian style house is so perfectly “victorian” I love its appearance of perfection. And so neatly maintained as well.
    My absolute favorite is the scene outside the suburbs with the vast array of trees softening the the image of the house and what looks like some kind of barn or storage silo.
    Great photos Dan. I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    Thank you for hosting!

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  3. Another great gallery Dan. The Victorian home is a feast for the eyes. I like the red outbuildings, especially the one with the flag on it!

    The “Greek revival” is truly a weird looking structure, especially paired up with a striped barn-like garage. Now this is a place where I would love to see inside! 🤗

    The barn that is in total disrepair is a truly sad sight.

    Stay warm today. We have heat on again….30 degrees here. Birdbaths are frozen solid!

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  4. Such beautiful houses, all of them, also the dilapidated one, also the last one (over the top? not!), with that photo of the yellow house probably my favourite. The doors never stand out, they are nicely incorporated.

    Today starts a new door series from our Sunday birthday visit to Castelnuovo di Porto. Plus there is my second poem for the writing challenge and it involves certain fish.

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  5. Best “leftovers” ever, Dan. There was something… refreshing (is the best word that comes to mind) about all of these. The reddish barn-house & shed photo is really eye-catching. It made me think of the Fourth of July. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I’m glad you enjoyed these doors. I was lucky to be forced to avoid the highway while I was watching Preston. The Fourth of July would be a good feeling to wake up to. I hope the rest of your week goes easy.

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  6. These are all such beauties, Dan. I really like the porch on the 1784 house. That glassed-in area is so nice to have before you even enter the home.
    That scene outside ‘cramped suburbia’ is lovely. You have to wonder if, as they drive home from shopping ‘in town’, the people don’t exhale and think, ‘Thank goodness we’re back home.”

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    • The good thing, Lois, is that they don’t have to drive very far. These houses are generally within a 10-20 minute drive to shopping an other conveniences. I do like that porch. But, maintaining a 250 year old house is more than I’m up for.

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  7. […] The Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge at Dan Antion’s site No Facility for people who love doors and architecture to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos, drawings, or other images or stories from around the world. If you’d like to join us, simply create your own Thursday Doors post and then share a link to your post in the comments in Dan’s post. […]


  8. I love Victorian homes, Dan. The first photo caught my eye. I think porches on two levels are nice also. Here’s the post for this week.

    Thursday Doors – Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

    We still have house projects going on. My daughter got a new job and we’re helping to watch the kids during her transition. Well, I got 75% of the writing challenge done. I’ll finish it before next Wednesday because I’ll have a minor surgery on Wednesday.

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  9. Simsbury looks like such a cosy town to live in. I like the picture of the yellow house taken through the trees and the red brick house or barns. The Greek-style house does look over the top :) It does not go with the rest of the scene. I especially liked the house on the farm- all green around. I can’t imagine how amazing it must be to stay in a place like that.

    Here’s my link for this week.

    Thursday Doors: Two doors, art, book review and chitchat

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed these, Smitha. This area of Simsbury seems like a very nice place to live. Thanks for your post. You covered a lot of ground, but nicely done all around.


  10. Hi Dan – I like the Victorian building … a bit decoratively over the top … but fun to see. The Historic building is interesting … that run down one – bet at some stage it’ll be conserved. I’ve enjoyed these – thanks … cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Natalie. I’ve driven through this area in the winter, and I never felt compelled to take any pictures. The green makes it all inviting.

      Great pictures and information at your place – thanks!


    • I’m glad you like the yellow houses, Brenda. I would love to have a porch like that to sit on in the afternoon. Thanks for the photos from a very interesting – surprising, actually – place.


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