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Yesterday, I had an appointment with my dentist for a routine cleaning. I suspended my current breakfast treat (after some healthy stuff–a small stack of Oreos.

No matter how much I brush and floss, he’ll be able to tell I was eating Oreos

Don’t tell my dentist

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  1. I am not keen on the dentist …he likes my wallet too much!
    The photos are great ninja squirrels blending in with the trees, bold bunnies looking straight at you close up too!
    Lovely flowers and the flag! Perfect.
    I saw a tree waiting bto be planted yesterday while out on a walk!
    Have a great day Dan💜

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    • It’s so funny. These guys never ran when we were our walking with Maddie. She was always on a leash, but they would come close enough that she could have grabbed them. After she passed, they started acting like squirrels and bunnies again. This bunny has started just stepping aside, or walking into the bushes, but not running away. I’m glad they feel comfortable here.

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  2. The dreaded dentist appointment! They pick away enough until they finally find something to drill and fill.

    Baby squirrel is just too cute! And Smokey foraging is a hoot!

    Your Korean Dogwood is a beauty and my Rhododendron is starting to bloom as well.

    Nice photo of Old Glory at the memorial.

    Enjoy some more Oreos Dan. You have plenty of time to brush and floss until your next appointment!

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    • I like our dentist, Ginger, but the picking and the biting on that dang thing for the x-rays – ugh.

      All the critters around here are enjoying the season. They’re foraging and, the ones that know us, just come and knock at the door.

      I’m glad that our rhododendrons bloom in waves. It stretches out the beauty. I’m glad yours are starting to bloom. The Korean dogwood is such an unassuming tree. Lots of plain blossoms, but combined, they light up the tree.

      I hope you’re having a good week!


  3. Nothing like the word “dentist” to make people sit up straight. So it’s good to soothe them with the word “Oreo.” What loaded words! Yes, dentists have instruments that detect the carbon-14 of chocolate and estimate the age of it on our teeth. There’s no covering up. But then there’s that rhododendron bloom — the close-up you got is gorgeous! The closer you look at a flower, the more there is to wonder at.

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  4. great combo of photos of your hometown life. maybe the bunny can hear your voices underneath the house? thanks especially for the beautiful rhodie photos; we are now hiking in search of rhodies in our nearby forests…so far we’ve found wild azaleas, and mountain laurel, which are beautiful in their own right…but still hoping for some rhodie sightings (we fell in love with these when we first visited roan mountain state park tn–covered with rhodies in bloom). and the dentist, lol, I can identify…love the doc and staff, but I always feel like I can’t eat until after the appt, then go enjoy ice cream :D

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  5. The baby squirrel and the bunny-shaped bread…!! So cute.
    I had to laugh at your one-liner. Steven Wright had a similar line: “My dental hygienist is cute. Every time I visit, I eat a whole package of Oreo cookies while waiting in the lobby. Sometimes she has to cancel the rest of the afternoon’s appointments. ” 😂

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  6. Mmmm…Oreos…
    I forgot to brush before I went to the dentist last time and the poor hygienist found a few bits of a morning protein bar. Embarrassing!

    Hope you had a good checkup, Dan, and have an even better Wednesday!

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    • Thanks Mary. The checkup went well. I do have one filling he has to repair, but not until September. I was on my way to the dentist from work one. I left with enough time to stop at home and brush, but they called while I was on my way home and asked if I could come as soon as possible. I had eaten lunch before leaving the office. :(

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  7. I remember a time when I totally forgot about the dentist appointment until after I had eaten a black licorice vine. OMG. Talk about picking. Loved the photos. The baby squirrel and toast are favorites. The rhododendron is fabulous.

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  8. You have to brush your tongue , too, I guess . Anyway , just stare the dentist in the eye and either : 1. lie and stick to it , or 2. admit the truth and dare the dentist to say something . Whatever you do , don’t whine and cower and make weak promises ( like I do ).

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  9. Perfect one-liner! Your flowers are beautiful. I love that Korean dogwood, and was planning on planting one to replace our big dead pine tree. Well…stay tuned next week for what happened instead.

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  10. Good decision, Dan. Oreos before dentist are not a great idea! Great shots. Love the rhododendron (mine finally bloomed, too). Love that the bunny is so used to you, he actually waits and poses for you!

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  11. Great photos! The purple rhododendrons are marvelous! I love that you love dandelions. And the bunny shaped toast is a gift from the great rabbit, saying thank you for sharing your shelter with the bunnies. Thanks for trusting us with your dark secret. Are those chocolate filled Oreos or just a dark photo and my imagination?

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    • Thanks JoAnna. The bunnies are starting to trust us. They don’t run away when we’re in the yard (usually to fill the bird baths and water bowls the bunnies use). It’s funny, they trusted us more when we had Maddie. She had to go out on a leash, and when the bunnies saw us, they didn’t move. Maddie never wanted to chase them.

      The Oreos in the picture are regular Double Stuff. I don’t often eat them, but they were on sale 3 packs for $10.

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      • :) It’s hard to say no to on sale Oreos. Now that Marley’s training keeps him from lunging and being reactive, the squirrels know he’s not going to chase them. They let him get pretty close.

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