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Hashtag #nuffSaid

If we were having a beer, you’d have a technical question for me. “So, Mr. Wizard, I have a question for you about your blog.” “And that would be…?” “Are you actually up and writing these things at 6:04 am?” … Continue reading

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Ooooh Aaaah – A Little Help, Please

I had so much fun hosting #SoCS yesterday. If I hadn’t had my post written by the end of the day on Friday. I would have gone with the caption in that photo. But, my real reason for today’s, rare … Continue reading

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Vote for Me!

Or not. It’s not like I’m running to be the next guy to attempt to sink the ship of state. No, I’m just submitting an entry in Linda G. Hill’s kinda-sorta-annual One-Liner Wednesday Badge Contest. I entered last year, too. … Continue reading

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Mystery Blogger Award

Huh? Dan doesn’t do awards. Well, truth be told, Dan almost always does plans to thinks about doing wishes he had done – Oh, who am I kidding, Dan doesn’t do awards. So, why on earth is the first and … Continue reading

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Watch the Gap

I didn’t participate in SoCS and I miss the permission to ramble on. I was on the road last week, and, as often happens I’m caught with a hole in the schedule. I wrote the posts for last Wednesday and … Continue reading

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You Can’t Take This Away From Me

Last year, I made a promise to many of my regular readers. I agreed to remind them before National Train Day, so they could organize their thoughts, photos and write their posts. It seems that I was already in error, … Continue reading

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A Little Utility

I wasn’t going to mention this, but since I wanted to add it to my menu, to make life easier for me, I thought I’d explain. Actually, the explanation is on the “Page” that I added. I guess I don’t … Continue reading

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