This Week of Doors – #ThursdayDoors

Between illness and weather, 2019 still hasn’t brought forth a doorscursion opportunity, or so I thought. Then I realized that there are everyday doors that I pass every day, along with some somewhat-special doors I don’t normally have the chance to photograph. For instance, there were some beautiful doors on a building on the Big-E... Continue Reading →

The Rest of Collinsville – #ThursdayDoors

If you’re a regular reader, you might be expecting to see some doors from Pittsburgh. They will come soon enough, but I thought I’d finish the doors I collected while Faith was driving me from Goshen, Connecticut to Farmington, stopping for every door in between. I should mention that for all of the doors in... Continue Reading →

Los Chivos de Hartford

Specifically, Los Chivos de Hartford Dia Roberto Clemente. Or, if you prefer the plain old English version, The Hartford Yard Goats Roberto Clemente Day! Faith and I attended this game Friday night. I wrote about the Yardgoats honoring Roberto Clemente, last year for #WATWB. I suppose I could have reprised that subject for Friday’s #WATWB... Continue Reading →

The Details Behind the Details

My Thursday Doors post about Connecticut’s Old State House was very well received – it’s easy when you have great material – and several people commented on some of the various architectural details. The building is full of details. I had wanted to share some information, especially explanations for some of the descriptions, but there... Continue Reading →

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