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The Big Hand is…

…near the one and the little hand is on the six. That’s how I learned how to tell time. My dad would ask me to go check the time and I would report back. He would then quiz me as … Continue reading

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Safe and Easy

I spent most of the last four days in my garage, working on the seasonal shed and the attic access doors. The thinking was that I need to have both of these projects complete and ready to install when our … Continue reading

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Monday Monday

I spent a lot of time in the shop this weekend, so not a lot of time for writing, unless I tell you about that work. I’ll try not to do this too often, but you know what they say … Continue reading

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Sealing the Walls and the Ceiling

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and is brought to you by the voices in my head, who have been set free from their dungeon. Linda says: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness … Continue reading

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A Little Utility

I wasn’t going to mention this, but since I wanted to add it to my menu, to make life easier for me, I thought I’d explain. Actually, the explanation is on the “Page” that I added. I guess I don’t … Continue reading

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Turtles, Lumber and Beer

If we were having a beer…well, I’d be having a beer, you would be late. “Where have you been? I’m halfway through this Yuengling.” “Sorry, I didn’t know we had an appointment. Were you going to give this stool to … Continue reading

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Brackets, No Not Those Brackets

Usually, the only time I use the word ‘bracket’ is during March Madness, when millions of people try to guess the ultimate outcome of 64 college basketball teams working their way to one winner. I do dumb things with those … Continue reading

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