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Thursday Doors – Doorsumptions

Remember Sesame Street? “♫One of these things is not like the others.” Well, that’s how my doors research went this week. Two buildings that I have long thought belonged together, are completely different things. Different, but interesting. Once again, I … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Charles Sumner School

Shortly after attending a couple of business meetings in Washington, D.C. last summer, I posted a selection of random DC doors. I hinted in that post that I had other doors, but that I needed to research their story. One … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Lewis Street

Once again, arriving early for a haircut appointment allowed time for a mini-doorscursion. I wanted to walk half way around the block to get a picture of the Mechanics Savings Bank entrance. When they built their new home office, they … Continue reading

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Rachel Somebody

Almost exactly two years ago, I wrote about an occurrence of the Baader-Meinhof effect. A couple of months later, I wrote about some other interesting things that I wanted to categorize under the heading of a phenomenon, but I was … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Windsor Green Part II

Last week, I featured some of the public-use buildings around the Windsor Connecticut Historic Green. An interesting fact about those buildings, is that most of them are not historic buildings. Only the original section of the Library is on the … Continue reading

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Christmas Tradition

It doesn’t take much for something to gain “tradition” status with us. Lunch at the Polish Deli in Pittsburgh is now a tradition. Breakfast at Eat’n Park is a tradition. Lunch, or at least a couple of beers at The … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Cathedral Doors

For the benefit of anyone who forgot Monday’s post and those who didn’t read it, The Cathedral of Learning is the signature educational building on the University of Pittsburgh campus. I’m going to abbreviate the university down to Pitt and … Continue reading

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