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Thursday Doors – ISU Part II

The cruise through Iowa State University’s campus (ISU) a few weeks ago yielded more photos than I could stuff into one post. I think I saved some good ones for today. Like a good roast or chicken dinner, anything that’s … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Stafford Springs

Back in May, when I took the photos of American Woolen Company, I snagged a few other pictures from the Towns of Stafford and Stafford Springs, Connecticut. The area was originally settled, in part due to the abundant water supply, … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Save the Ville

On the other side of Farmington from Miss Porter’s School, is an area known as Unionville. Unionville is not one of Connecticut’s 169 towns, but a lot of people talk about Unionville as if it’s a free state. Several years … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Elm Street Hartford

Elm Street sits along the southern edge of Bushnell Park in Hartford, Connecticut and it boasts several of the city’s listed historic buildings. Today, several of these buildings are occupied by CT government departments – Hartford is the state capital, … Continue reading

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Things Don’t Really Change

In late July, I started reading “Long Island Purgatory” a book about, race, religion and a young boy coming of age, written by my good friend Bradley Lewis. The end of the introduction on Brad’s Amazon page says: “Long Island … Continue reading

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Hurry–3 Days Only

Labor Day is a challenge for me. Since I shifted to a blogging schedule that includes a Monday post, and since that’s when I sometimes get all philosophical, it seems that I should address the holiday in some meaningful way. … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – 27 Quality Avenue

If you were opening a custom furniture shop, you might think “27 Quality Avenue” would be a pretty perfect address. That’s what I thought. I remember that thought lasting just long enough to apply for a commercial loan. When I … Continue reading

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