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Thursday Doors – Windsor Green Part II

Last week, I featured some of the public-use buildings around the Windsor Connecticut Historic Green. An interesting fact about those buildings, is that most of them are not historic buildings. Only the original section of the Library is on the … Continue reading

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Christmas Tradition

It doesn’t take much for something to gain “tradition” status with us. Lunch at the Polish Deli in Pittsburgh is now a tradition. Breakfast at Eat’n Park is a tradition. Lunch, or at least a couple of beers at The … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Cathedral Doors

For the benefit of anyone who forgot Monday’s post and those who didn’t read it, The Cathedral of Learning is the signature educational building on the University of Pittsburgh campus. I’m going to abbreviate the university down to Pitt and … Continue reading

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The Cathedral of Learning

Long before I heard of Thursday Doors, I wanted to do a post about this magnificent building. Then, I felt a strong urge to include the Cathedral in a few Thursday Doors posts. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right photos … Continue reading

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Centralia PA

When we drive to Pittsburgh, we head east on I-80 and then south on I-79. That’s because we stay at a hotel right off I-79. Once we move to the North Shore area (walking distance to Heinz Field and city … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – ISU Part II

The cruise through Iowa State University’s campus (ISU) a few weeks ago yielded more photos than I could stuff into one post. I think I saved some good ones for today. Like a good roast or chicken dinner, anything that’s … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Stafford Springs

Back in May, when I took the photos of American Woolen Company, I snagged a few other pictures from the Towns of Stafford and Stafford Springs, Connecticut. The area was originally settled, in part due to the abundant water supply, … Continue reading

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