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I Could Have Been Newsworthy

I was going to reblog Dan’s post today – the other Dan – the Dan that ran with a fast crowd of kids who lived close to the edge out there in the canyons of southern California in the time … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Nothing?

Last week, I had a follow-up visit with my primary care physician to discuss the results of my MRI. The MRI was ordered to (hopefully) rule out the possibility of a tumor on my ear nerve. I know, that’s not … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – The Big Game

I’m sure by now most of my regular readers know that my weekend routine includes a walk with Maddie. You’re also aware that I take as many photos as the dog will allow. What you may not know is that  … Continue reading

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And Then There Were Three

Were it not for Word and my lovely editor, you would all know that I can’t spell. Neither can I grammar nor punctuate. You have no idea how I fret over the previous sentence. You also have no idea if … Continue reading

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Moo If You Want Another Beer

“Do you still own a pickup?” “I haven’t owned a pickup since 2002…why” “I need to move some stuff out of one storage area into another one.” “And, again…why?” “There’s a new place that just opened up, and they have … Continue reading

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My Invisible Car

Several months ago, I thought that I had written the last of a small series of driving posts. Several of you encouraged me, but I don’t want to simply add more of the same type of intersection encounters. So, when … Continue reading

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The Goo the Bad and the Ugly

“Give us this prompt! We’ll be good! We promise!” Linda G. Hill put the Friday reminder for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt up early today, which means one thing. The voices that I keep locked away all week have … Continue reading

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