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Plain Old Reality

We are experiencing some serious dog days around central Connecticut. Temps in the upper 90s and no rain, save for the occasional short violent thunderstorm. We’re watering things outside the garden, and we never water things outside the garden. We’re … Continue reading

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8 More Rules at the Bar

Back in 2013, I wrote a post called 8 Simple Rules at a Bar. As soon as I wrote it, I added a new entry to my Evernote notebook called 8 More Rules at the Bar. It has taken three … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday – Teachable Moments

“Mommy, do they still make tree trunks like this?” Overheard last week in the National Parks exhibit of the Post Office Museum in Washington, D.C. It was hard not to laugh, but the little girl who asked this question was … Continue reading

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Off-Target Followers

Blogging and Social Media, if done well, are all about community. Unfortunately, like any real-world community, there are those stores you only shop in when you’re in a hurry, those streets you try to avoid and those people you politely … Continue reading

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Resource Theory

I’m pretty sure there’s an actual thing called resource theory. Maybe resources. I’m sure someone has lots to say about the way people use resources, as individuals and as a civilization. It’s not my field of expertise. That, in case … Continue reading

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What We Don’t Do Well

A recent breakfast conversation with my best friend, John, sent me digging in my drafts folder. I was convinced that this idea must exist in my notes. Well, not quite. I have a couple of ideas that come close, but, … Continue reading

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Another Social Network?

I honestly can’t believe that I am writing this. Yes, another social network, I recently joined beBee. It must be true, because I told Word to add ‘beBee’ to my dictionary. The first step was to read a little bit … Continue reading

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