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Setting the Record Straight

I want to provide some clarification about my recent healthcare related posts. I worry that in my attempt to tell the stories with a bit of humor, I may have been overly broad with the tar, as it were. In … Continue reading

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What Happened to Our Independence?

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the United States. Free from the tyranny of British rule, that’s us for almost 250 years. It’s always a happy time, never more so than in 1976, when a few of my friends and … Continue reading

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Tall Shots and a Short Stack

If we were having a beer, you would be in an unusually good mood. “Cheryl, let’s have a glass of wine, a Yuengling and a frosty glass for my dapper young friend.” “I’m all for you opening a tab, but … Continue reading

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Human Day

I was going to write about marketing today. I love to pick on marketers, or perhaps that should be marketeers. I always have to acknowledge that our daughter is a marketer, but she’s a good one. Like my friend Paul … Continue reading

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It Takes a Weekend to Return to Normal

Weekends are important part of life. At least they are while you’re working. I don’t know if I’ll still appreciate weekends after I retire. I hope so, but I wonder if I’ll start doing weekend things during the week so … Continue reading

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Darkness is a State of Mind

I’ve written in the past about the degree to which I dislike Daylight Saving Time. I think it’s a dumb idea. It doesn’t surprise me that politicians keep it alive, because retail and recreation industries of all sorts like it. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Sears

The word is out, our Sears store is among the 150 stores being closed as the department store financial institution holding company orphaned co-brand of K-mart Big-K, makes it easier for the corporate pallbearers to shovel it into the retail … Continue reading

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