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I’ll Never Forget You – #WATWB

I have walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge, in Pittsburgh, countless times. I walked across it when Roberto Clemente was alive and playing baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates and it was still the humble ‘Sixth Street Bridge’. I’ve written about … Continue reading

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If We Were Having…

I know, we go to the bar on Saturday. Don’t worry, or if you’re Kate, don’t get excited, this isn’t a normal at-the-bar kind of post. See, I wrote ‘kind of’ not ‘kinda’ – that’s how you can tell I’m … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Memorial Day

Last June, I was in Washington, D.C. for a short series of meetings. I had some free time before one of those meetings and I decided to squeeze in a little sightseeing. When I realized how easy it is to … Continue reading

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Human Day

I was going to write about marketing today. I love to pick on marketers, or perhaps that should be marketeers. I always have to acknowledge that our daughter is a marketer, but she’s a good one. Like my friend Paul … Continue reading

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99-Year-Old Volunteers – Still Going Strong

“Mary Guglielmo was born on May 11, 1917, in New York City. Mary Alsing was born 16 days later in Ontario, Canada. Their lives began far apart and took different paths, but decades ago they both wound up in the … Continue reading

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Resolutions & Reflections from the Bar

If we were having a beer, you’d want to know about my resolutions…again. “So, any New Year’s resolutions, or are you still thinking about them.” “You know I don’t like making resolutions.” “Bad track record?” “No, it’s arbitrary. I’m just … Continue reading

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Step Into the Light

I’ve been dwelling on a particular disk in the Twilight Zone DVD set for the past few weeks. It’s not like I watch it every day, but each time I go to eject it, I decide to watch a couple … Continue reading

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