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Thursday Doors – Reason to Hope

A need to research some building material for a project that we hope to undertake next month took me to Kelly-Fradet, my favorite lumber yard. You might remember them from a previous Thursday Doors post. While a very nice salesman … Continue reading

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8 More Rules at the Bar

Back in 2013, I wrote a post called 8 Simple Rules at a Bar. As soon as I wrote it, I added a new entry to my Evernote notebook called 8 More Rules at the Bar. It has taken three … Continue reading

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When Did This Happen?

When I was 12, my father woke me up one spring Saturday so I could help him with an errand. The rural mailbox of a woman on his route had been clipped by a snow plow during the winter. At … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday – Play Ball

“Maybe we should have hired these guys to build the ballpark.” Well over a year ago, DoNo Corporation (that stands for Downtown North, but I think we can have some fun with that name) started building Dunkin Donuts Park in … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Gender Bias

“Why are you giving me all the girl jobs?” Faith was paraphrasing Angelina Jolie’s character (“why do I get the girl gun?”) in one of our favorite movies, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” No offense intended to women, girls or planting … Continue reading

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It’s Not Failure

In 2005, I worked with an old friend to develop a training program for our company. We wanted a program that had clear objectives and a consistent feel. He developed a framework for a series of one-hour sessions that would … Continue reading

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Backroads and Circles

I’ve been moaning about traffic in and around Hartford lately. I have one more traffic / New England driver related rant coming – just giving you fair warning, but this is not it. Today, I have a bad news / … Continue reading

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