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The Big Hand is…

…near the one and the little hand is on the six. That’s how I learned how to tell time. My dad would ask me to go check the time and I would report back. He would then quiz me as … Continue reading

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What Happened to Our Independence?

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the United States. Free from the tyranny of British rule, that’s us for almost 250 years. It’s always a happy time, never more so than in 1976, when a few of my friends and … Continue reading

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Darkness is a State of Mind

I’ve written in the past about the degree to which I dislike Daylight Saving Time. I think it’s a dumb idea. It doesn’t surprise me that politicians keep it alive, because retail and recreation industries of all sorts like it. … Continue reading

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WordPress is Messing with Me

I’ve been using WordPress for well over 5 years. For the most part, I really like it. I had been using Blogger before coming here, and the experience in this community has been better than I thought a blogging experience … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Monkeys Need to Get Smarter

Sometimes, in spite of all the smart things they do, Amazon seems as dumb as a bag of hammers. Oh sure, they have warehouses that are so automated that they don’t even have to have lights on. They have One-click … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday – No Worries

I used to think that the expression that drove me the craziest was “no problem.” People say “no problem” all the time when they should be saying “you’re welcome.” How hard is the “Thank you” – “You’re welcome” exchange? When … Continue reading

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Daylight Is a Finite Commodity

If we were having a beer, you would be bemoaning the time of our meeting. “I think we should start meeting earlier.” “Why, what’s wrong with 3:00?” “It will be getting dark by the time we leave. I like to … Continue reading

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