Thursday Doors – Powder Hollow

Doesn’t the name sound cool? Are you thinking “I wonder if he’s talking about gunpowder?” If you are, you came to the right place. Unfortunately, you’re about 100 years too late. Back in the 19th century, Col. Augustus Hazard owned a gunpowder company in the area of Enfield, Connecticut known as Hazardville. It the name... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – St. Augustine Sweat

Visiting St. Augustine, Florida involves flying into either Jacksonville or Daytona Beach, or connecting to a little airline flying scary little planes. I flew into Jacksonville, and I was kinda smug when I texted the temperature to my wife. It was 77°f (25°c) in Jacksonville but it was 92°f (33°c) in Connecticut – Ha! Well,... Continue Reading →

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