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Thursday Doors – St. Augustine Lighthouse

As I mentioned yesterday, a brief meeting in St. Augustine, bracketed by flights in and out of Daytona Beach, FL left me with little time for sightseeing. I did manage to collect a bunch of photos that I will share … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Kelly Fradet Too

One of my early Thursday Doors was of Kelly Fradet’s lumber yard on the east side of Enfield. They have four different locations, but the main yard is on the west side of town, near the river and the railroad. … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Melancholy Door

When I was researching the doors in the Ann Uccello neighborhood of Hartford, I stumbled onto an archive of Connecticut photos, maintained by the University of Connecticut Library system. There I discovered a door that I’ve driven by for almost … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Pittsburgh Leftovers

A busy couple of weeks, and a door research project that yielded more questions than answers has left me without the doors I was planning to share today. So, like any good little protégé of Norm, I’m reaching into the … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Farms and Barns

A few weeks ago, I shared some pictures with a One-Liner Wednesday post that were taken while my brother and I were rapidly making our way from Ames, Iowa to the Minneapolis Airport (MSP). I mentioned that I had some … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Pearl Street

This is one of those doors posts that is hard to start and hard to end. It’s like painting the molding in your house, where the door trim leads to the baseboard and so on and so forth. This started … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Welcome to the Neighborhood

My mom turned 92 this week, so I thought it would be a good time to share some doors from her “neighborhood.” I put that in quotes because she lives in an apartment building that is designed for elderly folk. … Continue reading

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