Winter Prep Woes

If we were having a beer, you would be worried. “Look at you boys, right on time today. Beer for you, what about you? Bourbon? Wine?” “Make mine a seltzer today Cheryl.” “Seltzer?”               “Seltzer?” “Yes, seltzer. I have to finish getting my garage clean; I should probably stay sober.” “Why didn’t you call? We... Continue Reading →

As Long as You have Your health…

If we were having a beer, you’d seem concerned about my health. “Are you in a wellness program?” “Why, is that a requirement for drinking here?” “No, of course not. I was just wondering. My company just started one and it looks interesting.” “I have access to a wellness program, but it’s not direct with... Continue Reading →

No Volcanoes Here/#SoCS

I though you guys would like to know what Cheryl was doing while we struggled with her replacement. Don’t try to do the geography, it only works in my head.

I’m going to try and turn off comments over here.

Tropical Affair

In~vol~untary evacuation can lead to marvelous e~vol~utionary processes. For instance, last week we were forced to cancel our dream vacation (again) to Costa Rica, land of volcanoes and Pura Vida. Since we don’t have relatives living in brick homes elsewhere in Florida, we looked outside of the vacation peninsula for refuge. Much of my family lives in Louisiana, already filled with evacuees from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey as the state itself is just now recouperating from the mind numbing flooding they experienced last Summer. We have children up in Nebraska,  but since flying was already iffy at best, we decided to head to Atlanta where there was ONE hotel that we found good reservations. And where my youngest lives, a great opportunity to visit one of my ducklings.

No, there were no volcanoes there; but what we found were wonderful receptive communities who opened their hotels, restaurants and hearts…

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