D-I-Y Spillover – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, time to gather at No Facilities bar, treat ourselves to an adult beverage and a little prompt-driven dialog. Linda G. Hill has given us an opportunity for bonus points with her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘where.’ Start your post with the word ‘where’... Continue Reading →

What the??? – #1LinerWeds

Several of my Maddie’s regular followers have mentioned that progress on the area outside my workshop Maddie’s deck has been in a holding pattern. This is true. I had planned to take enough vacation days to give myself several long weekends to finish that project. Then July happened. The Hartford area experienced the hottest July... Continue Reading →

in Poland

The other Dan posted a gem from Poland.


I’ve been over in Poland for the last few weeks and so far they haven’t kicked me out . Not that they would kick me out . I keep a low profile . I have learned my lesson and I don’t , almost never , talk to strangers . One time I tried to help an old lady carry her suitcase down the stairs at the train station and she screamed bloody murder . Lucky for me there didn’t seem to be any police personnel immediately available . I got several accusing stares as I walked away a little embarrassed , unable to explain in their language my faux paux . Okay , once in awhile I slip up . So sue me .

Last evening Ada and I were sitting at an outdoor table at a tiny coffee shop in the city . We had tried several other places…

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