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The Over-Exposed Power of Turnips

The title might not mean much to you, but it saved you from a recap of the conference I attended last week. I was going to try to wrap a story around Intelligent Information, or perhaps intelligent information managers – … Continue reading

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Sometimes Plan-B Works

No one, and certainly no company is perfect. Things go wrong. I’m not suggesting that we should look forward to things going wrong, but we should give at least small praise to people and companies who do well when things … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Free

“The bag is free, but there’s a $2 charge” That was the response from the Jet Blue curbside check-in guy when I asked about the fee associated with my “free” checked bag. The more annoying part of this was that … Continue reading

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The Language of Travel Explained

I don’t travel a lot. Seriously, I know people who travel farther and way more often than I do. I once described myself as a Travel Wimp, and it’s still a good description. I check bags, schedule long, safe layovers … Continue reading

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Waiting for Better Accuracy

The title isn’t my work. I copied that from Greta, my Garmin GPS. You may remember Greta from such previous posts as “Yo Greta” and “Directions.” The other day, as I was leaving my office for a short but somewhat … Continue reading

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Empty Tables – Because We Can

One of the emerging family traditions in our house is for my daughter and I to play a board game when she is visiting for a holiday. A couple of years ago, I got lucky and found the “Pittsburgh Edition” … Continue reading

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Not Singing the Zone 3 Blues

Zone 3, on Delta flights is the last to board but make no mistake; it’s nowhere near the third group of people boarding the plane. People boarding ahead of Zone 3 include people in wheel chairs, people with babies, people … Continue reading

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