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Hurry–3 Days Only

Labor Day is a challenge for me. Since I shifted to a blogging schedule that includes a Monday post, and since that’s when I sometimes get all philosophical, it seems that I should address the holiday in some meaningful way. … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal?

If we were having a beer, you would have some questions for me. “So, what’s the deal with this Cherished Blogfest of yours?” “Hi, it’s good to see you, too. Would you mind if I ordered a beer?” “Well I … Continue reading

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Five Years – Still No Facilities

I don’t usually post on Sunday. I don’t usually post more than four times a week. I don’t usually write short posts. Today is different. No Facilities is five years old today. Ready for Kindergarten I guess. I always thought … Continue reading

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The Cherished Blogfest Turns Two!

Last year, a small group of blog-buddies organized a blogfest. We called it the Cherished Blogfest and we asked people to share, in a few hundred words, something that they cherish. Well over 100 people participated. People shared stories about … Continue reading

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Off-Target Followers

Blogging and Social Media, if done well, are all about community. Unfortunately, like any real-world community, there are those stores you only shop in when you’re in a hurry, those streets you try to avoid and those people you politely … Continue reading

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Thanks to All who came Aboard!

Yesterday was National Train Day. I mentioned in my post, that several of my writing friends were indulging my obsession with trains by joining me with posts on their blogs. I shared an early post by Sharukh and an early … Continue reading

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The Wrong 6:04

I usually schedule my blog posts to be published at 6:04 am. It’s not a big deal. It’s not significant, but it’s become a habit. 6:04 has become a habit. Blogging has become a habit. Blogging on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday … Continue reading

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