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This That and Lies

Last week was a bad week for customer service. A ripple in the force was felt from Cornwall in the UK to East Hartford, CT to somewhere in southern California. I was tangled up in the East Hartford scene, home … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Unexpected Pleasure

One thing I’ve learned about blogging is that you can’t get too wrapped up in your plans. Plans change. Sometimes things get in the way of plans. Sometimes better things come along. You have to be flexible. Last weekend, my … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Tag (no tags)

A couple of weeks ago Evelyne Holingue introduced me to the Bookshelf Tag in her wonderful French/English blog. She didn’t tag me, but I love books and I thought that I could have fun with this. Of course, I was … Continue reading

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Maybe Disorder Wasn’t the Right Word

Last week, my friend Brad Lewis shared a link on Facebook to a Huffington Post article titled: What to Eat To Get Your Sleep Back On Track Seeing the link made me laugh for a couple of reasons. First, Brad … Continue reading

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When Did Crude Become Mainstream?

Ooh, you used the F-word in your Facebook post. Yes, you got my attention, but by the look and the sound of things, you won’t be getting much more of my attention. People are wiring the F-word into the written … Continue reading

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8 Simple Rules at the Bar

When I am traveling alone, I normally look for a restaurant where I can eat at the bar. Sitting, eating and drinking at a bar isn’t rocket-science, but there are certain expectations and a person who disregards one of these, … Continue reading

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