Thursday Doors – Christ Church Cathedral

Many people have shared photos of older buildings (usually churches) that stand today, surrounded by modern skyscrapers in a busy downtown area of a city. I have often commented that one of my favorite buildings is located in a similar setting. Last week, I had the opportunity to take some photos of that building. While... Continue Reading →

Cherished Blogfest – Women of Faith

When we traveled to Pittsburgh in May for my mother’s funeral, we also attended services at her church: The Primitive Methodist Church of Carnegie, PA. It’s a tiny church with a small but lively congregation. It was Mother’s Day, and the praises offered by the members of the congregation and echoed by the minister in... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – St. James Episcopal Church

Two weeks ago, when we were celebrating our long-time coworker’s retirement, I took note of the side of Glastonbury, Connecticut that I don’t normally drive through. As you might expect, I was paying attention to doors. About ½ mile north of the Connecticut River Valley Inn, is St. James Episcopal Church. It caught my attention... Continue Reading →

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