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Thursday Doors – Windsor, CT Train Station

Most of my regular readers know that I love trains. I take trains whenever I can, and I particularly like it when I can board the train at the Windsor Locks train station. The station is about two miles from … Continue reading

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Vacation Mode

A friend of mine at work recently left for a vacation that will see him without an Internet connection for a few days. We were discussing the fact that we thought that should be OK and then we started talking … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Attic Access

This series is supposed to be a picture of a door. I get that, but I hope Norm didn’t mean that we can’t also write a bunch of stuff. I hope that’s not a problem because it’s really hard for … Continue reading

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Daydreams and Serendipity

Just a few days ago, I announced that this blog was going to be “award free.” Actually, I never made that announcement, I may have implied that, but I stopped short of pasting the “Award Free” banner in the sidebar. … Continue reading

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Oh Bob

I follow Bob Vila on Twitter and there are a lot of days that he has a tip that is spot-on perfect. And then are days like this. “10 things to consider when buying a new couch.” Let’s just say … Continue reading

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One of These Things is Not Like the Others

When you work for a small company, you wear many hats. One of the hats that I wear in our company is the office-admin hat. When my boss asked me to try this hat on for size, I figured it … Continue reading

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Just No Pleasing Me

I have worked construction in the winter and I have worked on a farm in the summer. I understand the reality of a real-world workplace and I always thought that having an “office job” would be better. I’ll leave the … Continue reading

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