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Dan and Dan Travel

I always wonder if there’s a limit to how many blog posts you’re allowed to squeeze out of one experience. I guess if it’s a major life-changing experience, all penalties would be waived, but if you try to write for … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Let’s Fly

In Monday’s post, I made the comment: “If Delta and WordPress are both on time, I will have been asleep for about 4-5 hours by the time this post is published after returning home at dark o’clock on Monday.” What … Continue reading

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Travel Interrupted

Two weeks ago, I left Hartford’s Bradley Airport (BDL) for a 9-day journey. Sorry if that sentence (or this apology) sticks the Gilligan’s Island theme in your head. Unlike those castaways, my trip was cut short by a snowstorm. It … Continue reading

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Sometimes Plan-B Works

No one, and certainly no company is perfect. Things go wrong. I’m not suggesting that we should look forward to things going wrong, but we should give at least small praise to people and companies who do well when things … Continue reading

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Location Isn’t Everything

Back in the early ‘80s, I worked as a consultant for one of the then Big-8 accounting firms. Despite the fact that the Big-8 ultimately became the Big-6 and then the Final-4, working for one of those firms back then … Continue reading

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Every Mug has a Message

Coffee – I don’t remember the last day that started without a cup of coffee. I’m sure that I was sick, and that I substituted a cup of tea, but I really don’t remember. I can be pretty sick and … Continue reading

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Not Singing the Zone 3 Blues

Zone 3, on Delta flights is the last to board but make no mistake; it’s nowhere near the third group of people boarding the plane. People boarding ahead of Zone 3 include people in wheel chairs, people with babies, people … Continue reading

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