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My Invisible Car

Several months ago, I thought that I had written the last of a small series of driving posts. Several of you encouraged me, but I don’t want to simply add more of the same type of intersection encounters. So, when … Continue reading

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When Stupid Takes Two

Apparently, I will never be completely done with posts about crazy drivers, dangerous drivers, self-appointed-important drivers and the more common clueless drivers among us. I could be done if I had to make up these stories, but these often fall … Continue reading

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Road Trip

Apologies to Judy, if she hasn’t yet had her coffee, and to Mary (please don’t take away my bonus points), and to all the others who don’t like math, but it’s Monday, and this is a true story, so: “If … Continue reading

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Bat Crap Crazy Drivers

A while ago, I posted a short series of traffic rants. In the final rant, I promised that I was done. The normal day-to-day idiots are still out there, and my daily commute is still full of heart-racing moments when … Continue reading

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What Did I Do?

This will be the last of my traffic rants. I promise. At least for a little while. Unless, of course a new kind of jackass evolves. I’ve written about special people and special people on the highway before. Today, I’m … Continue reading

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Backroads and Circles

I’ve been moaning about traffic in and around Hartford lately. I have one more traffic / New England driver related rant coming – just giving you fair warning, but this is not it. Today, I have a bad news / … Continue reading

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My Lenten Failure

For Lent, again this year, I did for myself, the little things that others often do for me. I wrote about that last year, no need to describe it today. Besides, Lent’s over – “honey, can you bring me more … Continue reading

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