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Bat Crap Crazy Drivers

A while ago, I posted a short series of traffic rants. In the final rant, I promised that I was done. The normal day-to-day idiots are still out there, and my daily commute is still full of heart-racing moments when … Continue reading

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What Did I Do?

This will be the last of my traffic rants. I promise. At least for a little while. Unless, of course a new kind of jackass evolves. I’ve written about special people and special people on the highway before. Today, I’m … Continue reading

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Backroads and Circles

I’ve been moaning about traffic in and around Hartford lately. I have one more traffic / New England driver related rant coming – just giving you fair warning, but this is not it. Today, I have a bad news / … Continue reading

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My Lenten Failure

For Lent, again this year, I did for myself, the little things that others often do for me. I wrote about that last year, no need to describe it today. Besides, Lent’s over – “honey, can you bring me more … Continue reading

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If we were having a beer, you would waste very little time getting to the subject on your mind. “Cheryl, please pour me some wine and, unless he has resolved to give up alcohol, a Yuengling for my young friend.” … Continue reading

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The Other Side of I-80

A few weeks ago I wrote about being rescued in Omaha by my brother who was kind enough to drive 2 ½ hours to fetch me from a hastily arranged backup airport. The ride from Omaha, NE to Ames, IA, … Continue reading

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Could You Just Say What You Mean?

I want to start off by giving inspirational credit to a fellow blogger who goes by the name of shops4shoes (ooh, I just felt my wallet twitch in my pocket) over on a blog called “A Little Bit Brave.” I … Continue reading

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