The Perfect Haiku? – #1LinerWeds

So said coworker Brian Carvell. Yes, I named him. I didn’t use the somewhat anonymous “coworker whose sense of humor is so bizarre that you laugh until you realize you shouldn’t be laughing.” Of course, that would have only been anonymous in the world outside our office. Inside, everyone would say, “oh, he means Brian.”... Continue Reading →

When Stupid Takes Two

Apparently, I will never be completely done with posts about crazy drivers, dangerous drivers, self-appointed-important drivers and the more common clueless drivers among us. I could be done if I had to make up these stories, but these often fall into the “you can’t make this stuff up” category. Today’s stories, and accompanying diagrams, fall... Continue Reading →

One-Liner Wednesday – Calories

“Here’s your 360 calories” The local Dunkin Donuts has added calorie information about every item on the shelf. I chose the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake Square over the more heavily calorie laden Low-fat Blueberry Muffin. The clerk heard us laughing and delivered our items with a running count. According to the master catalog, this isn’t a... Continue Reading →

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