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Amazon’s Monkeys Need to Get Smarter

Sometimes, in spite of all the smart things they do, Amazon seems as dumb as a bag of hammers. Oh sure, they have warehouses that are so automated that they don’t even have to have lights on. They have One-click … Continue reading

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The Wrong 6:04

I usually schedule my blog posts to be published at 6:04 am. It’s not a big deal. It’s not significant, but it’s become a habit. 6:04 has become a habit. Blogging has become a habit. Blogging on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday … Continue reading

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This Might be Real?

Last week, I had one of those embarrassing moments you have years after turning bits and pieces of your job responsibility over to others. I forgot how something worked. No, I didn’t forget the network password or the code to … Continue reading

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World Paper Free Day?

If we were having a beer, you’d announce that I was buying the first round. “Why am I paying?” “I figured you were still celebrating your holiday.” “What holiday?” “World paper day? Paper freedom day? Something stupid like that. You … Continue reading

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Blogging Geek Style

I’ve read a lot of blog posts that offer tips and guidance on blogging and writing. People share where they get ideas, where they store the ideas they get and how they get those ideas onto virtual paper and then … Continue reading

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When Marketing is Worse than Spam

I got email today from Herman Melville which is creepy. The subject line was holiday related yet sexually explicit, which made it even creepier. I ignored it because people use subject lines like that to lure you in, to pique … Continue reading

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Too Much Nothing

Earlier this week, I was searching for a clip of the song that Sam sang in Casablanca. No, not that song, not the “play it” song, but the other one. The upbeat one with the verse: “Who’s got nothin? “We … Continue reading

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