Thursday Doors – Powder Hollow

Doesn’t the name sound cool? Are you thinking “I wonder if he’s talking about gunpowder?” If you are, you came to the right place. Unfortunately, you’re about 100 years too late. Back in the 19th century, Col. Augustus Hazard owned a gunpowder company in the area of Enfield, Connecticut known as Hazardville. It the name... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – Pearl St Garage

Pearl St. in Enfield, CT runs high above the Connecticut River in an area of town known as Thompsonville. This section of Enfield was once the proud home of the sprawling Hartford Carpet Company (later merged with and renamed Bigelow-Sanford) manufacturing complex. The Enfield Historical Society has a very informative write-up on the history of... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – Hazardville Institute

These are the doors to a success story in north-central Connecticut. In the mid-1800s, Col Augustus Hazard donated land at the corner of Hazard Avenue and North Maple Street (in an area of Enfield, CT that would become known as Hazardville). The land was to be used for the construction of the Hazardville Institute. Built... Continue Reading →

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