One-Liner Wednesday – Fire Genes

I have permission to use today’s one-liner, but only if I add a certain disclaimer as to ultimate culpability. That disclaimer requires a disclaimer and permission from another party. Confused yet? I thought so. OK. The one-liner, courtesy of my (I normally say ‘our’ but it’s ‘my’ for the purposes of this post) daughter, comes... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – St. Patrick – St. Anthony Church

Back in April, I began an exploration of the Anne Street Historic District with some buildings along the southern end of the district, a.k.a. Pearl Street. There are many stories doors in this western edge of downtown Hartford, but today’s will all come from one building. That building is St. Patrick and St. Anthony Church,... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – Sad Story

There are three major mill buildings in the Somersville section of Somers, Connecticut. The Picking House at 49 Maple St. The Somerville Manufacturing Company, across the street from the waterfall, and the much smaller workshop/warehouse behind Somersville Manufacturing Company. That smaller building is the building in which I had my cabinet shop in the mid-80s.... Continue Reading →

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